Now, You will have all system icons list for taskbar. “When I click on the volume icon nothing happens windows 10”. Resolution. I check the system on/off for Time, volume, network, etc... and the volume one is dim (can't change from off to on). Sometimes, You may see that icon is grayed or inactive in settings. In that case, You can follow next methods. In windows 10 the problem is little different, according to some Windows 10 users they’re unable to open the Sound Control bar from the taskbar. The volume control icon may fail to respond intermittently for unknown reasons. To resolve this issue: Click Start, click Run, type msconfig in the Open box, and then click OK. If you turn a system icon off, you can always turn it back on later. My System Specs 23 Mar 2011 #3: motc7. How to Enable or Disable System Icons on Taskbar in Windows 10 The Clock, Volume, Network, Power, and Action Center system icons are located on the taskbar notification area (aka: system tray) by default in Windows. Problem description: One or more of the following tray icons Volume, Clock, Power or Network, are suddenly missing from System Tray and when you try to re-enable them from system tray settings, you notice that the corresponding check box for the related system icon is grayed out. If it’s already checked and the icon is not showing up, you need to uncheck the box, and then click Apply. Cause. Enable volume icon from there. The quickest way to resolve the issue is to restart the Explorer shell. Starting with Windows 10 build 18252, Microsoft added a microphone icon in the system tray which appears when your microphone is in use. Now your icon should appear in the taskbar. Then, Click on Turn system icons on or off. When you hover over these icons, you can see their status. Last updated on February 3rd, 2016. Method 2: Restart Windows Explorer Fix 1: Restart Explorer via Task Manager. You’ll notice the “Place volume icon in the taskbar” option is either checked or unchecked. Re-check the box and then click Apply again. Here's how you can fix it; Right-click empty space on task bar and select "Task Manager" from the options; Under the "Processes" tab, go all the way at bottom and Right-click "Windows Explorer". Even, You may not see the icon after enabling from settings. You can right click on these icons to access specific options or settings for them. While the taskbar volume control icon is non-responsive, audio may still work on the computer and you’re able to open sndvol.exe and alter the volume. The problem is the volume icon can't display on the task bar. Select… This behavior occurs because the system tray is not being loaded at startup. The Volume Control icon is not displayed on the taskbar. 369 posts. Turning off a system icon removes the icon and turns off notifications for it. Windows 7. What I need to do to turn the volume on so I can adjust the sound. In windows 10, whenever you click the volume speaker (audio) icon bar at the bottom right-hand corner, it does not resopnd. Windows 10 volume control not working issue is one of the common problems that come with every Windows operating system.