These tales include grizzly murders, playing on insecurities, forced marriages, abductions, and maniacal little people. My son enjoyed the stories, but said they were a little strange. The Blue Fairy Book was the first volume in the series and so it contains some of the best known tales, taken from a variety of sources: not only from Grimm, but exciting adventures by Charles Perrault and Madame d'Aulnoy, The Arabian Nights, and other stories from popular traditions. Not colorful Walt Disney/Pixar style, but darker and appealing to my adult palate. Some were very good and some were very bad. The Blue Fairy Book Andrew Lang Limited preview - 2009. The stories in this collection have an amazing range, and Lang is good enough to cite his source for almost all of his tales. I was pleased to recognise some of the stories that I remembered from my childhood and that I had forgotten (Toads and Diamonds, Trusty John, The story of the prince Ahmed and the Fairy Paribanou). We’d love your help. This is the one I personally owned as a child. In general, this was a totally delightful experience and I look forward to reading more in this series. His position as one of England's foremost folklorists as well as his first-rate literary abilities makes his collection invaluable in the English language. Like the Grimms, but far more honest, Lang used translations provided by his wife and other women (he thanks the women in his introduction, gives credit to original sources at the end of the tales). The Story of Pretty Goldilocks is definitely not the version with three bears and porridge. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Blue Fairy Book. This first book has both familiar stories and many stories I've never read. I gave each story a mini-rating of 1-3 asterisks (*), with 1 being the "horrible" and 3 being "just okay". Those Disney princess movies always bored me. I mainly listened to it on my Kindle at night around bedtime, and that was a great format. The stories are short and quick reads. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Welcome back. To read on e-ink devices like the Sony eReader or Barnes & Noble Nook, you'll need to download a file and transfer it to your device. by Dover Publications. These fairy tales are awesome! A hundred years pass and a prince from another family spies the hidden castle during a hunting expedition. The Blue Fairy Book Andrew Lang Snippet view - 1930. This first book has b. I’m in serious need of some fairy stories and when I read a review of one of the books in this series, by a goodreads friend, I jumped right in (thank you Amalia). My son (7) and I have enjoyed taking turns reading this aloud to each other all year. I'm a big fan of fairytales, and it was fun to read some of the originals. All in all, this collection contains 37 stories, all arranged in the clear, lively prose for which Lang was famous. One is immediately drawn to Tales of Troy and Greece. In fairy tales, good is good and evil is evil; there is no confusion. The book assembled a wide range of tales, with seven from the Brothers Grimm, five from Madame d'Aulnoy, three from the Arabian Nights, and four Norse stories, among other sources. We always feel that we are backed up when we declare that in this retelling process, the large ruggedness which rightfully belongs to the classic is lost in the mild care we take of the sensitiveness of children. The fairies then offer their gifts of beauty, wit, grace, dance, song and music. Heavily from Norwegian, French, and German sources. Includes the stories of Andrew Lang (1844-1912), Charles Perrault, and others. (Current version: 2), Sleeping Beauty Stories includes several stories across several decades from the beginning of is imaginative creation. [not the sort of behaviour that ought to be encouraged, [not the sort of behaviour that ought to be encouraged, I realise. Those are the good ones. He was a poet, novelist, and literary critic, and a contributor to anthropology. We all enjoy discussing them, whether bizarre or as we expected. I can't believe the level of nostalgia this book created. Librivox offers the entire project and many others by Lang for free, narrated by volunteers. This Delphi edition offers a comprehensive range of Lang’s prolific works, with thousands of beautiful illustrations, as well as the usual bonus texts. The Blue Fairy Book Andrew Lang, Henry Justice Ford, George Percy Jacomb Hood Limited preview - 1965. the yellow dwarf . These ARE your grandmother's fairytales! Scottish journalist and author ANDREW LANG (1844-1912), a friend of Robert Louis Stevenson, produced a stunning variety and number of volumes, including books of poetry, novels, children's books, histories, and biographies, as well as criticism, essays, scholarly works of anthropology, and translations of classical literature.