Below are a couple of photos of the mosque taken around sunset. Adult ticket (11+ years): 172 AED (46 USD)Children ticket (3 to 10 years): 142 AED (38 USD). They are so beautiful and ornate. Below are a few day tours from Dubai that visit the mosque: Hopefully these tips have prepared you to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and you know what to expect. It’s also really cool that they will lend you appropriate clothing to wear if you aren’t dressed appropriately. The chandelier is made out of stainless steel and brass both bathed with 40 Kg of 24-carat gold. I’m thrilled to hear that this mosque has free admission and free guided tours too. by The Travel Sisters | Nov 10, 2020 | Destinations, Trip Reports | 4 comments. Dress code10. Click on this link for more information. From Saturday to Thursday Sheikh Zayed Mosque’s opening hours are 9 am to 10 pm. Tours run for approximately 45 to 60 minutes. It covers an area of more than 12 hectares (30 acres). The chandelier is held overhead by steel cables and perfectly complements the beauty of the foyer. If you need to eat before or after your visit, several restaurants can be found in the underground passage way that connects the mosque to the entrance including Starbucks and Cinnabon with more on the way. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Although you can spend an entire day enjoying the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, we think 90 minutes is good enough time to explore it satisfactorily. For 1 or 2 people a tour might be a better value than a taxi plus you can visit a few other attractions in Abu Dhabi. Adult ticket (12+ years): 330 AED (90 USD)Child ticket (4 to 11 years): 275 AED (75 USD). I don’t have Abu Dhabi on my radar just yet in terms of travel, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. Keep this in mind and allow sufficient walking time if you are trying to reach the mosque in time for a tour or the sunset. Although the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is located 129 Kms (80 Miles) from Dubai most tourists visiting Dubai add it to their itinerary because of the excellent connectivity. Unlike in the US, Uber is more expensive in Abu Dhabi than taxis. The courtyard alone can hold 30,000 believers and is guarded by four 107 Meters (351 feet) high minarets inspired by three different civilisation Egyptian, North Africa and Turkian. Later you spend some time driving around and seeing the breathtaking skyscrapers and luxury hotels. The calm waters of these pools match perfectly with the peaceful environment of the Mosque itself. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, often known as the white beauty of the Gulf, is free for all visitors. Although the fairy-tale structure catches your eye the moment you step in, there are certain must-sees you can’t miss. Best Cruises | Golf Breaks | Romantic Getaways | Unusual Vacations, Follow us: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter. Before my visit I had read some older blog posts that the mosque used to require an ID to rent an abaya but that is no longer the case. Yes, that’s right. Guided tours7. Later you see scenic views of the Arabian Gulf while strolling at Abu Dhabi Corniche. 9. This 8-hour tour of the best of Abu Dhabi is a small group tour. Rihanna was asked to leave the mosque in 2013 for taking inappropriate photos. We usually reply within 24 hours. A visit to the Marina mall is followed by a lunch break, after which you visit the observation deck of Etihad Towers (on the 74th floor!). This 3-day hop on hop off tour is offered by Big Bus travels. From Abu Dhabi: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is located in Abu Dhabi about halfway between the Abu Dhabi Airport and the Corniche. Required fields are marked *. It is embellished with intricate designs and details both on the inside and outside. Like this post? We also briefly stopped by the mosque again right after it opened at 9am the next morning and the mosque was significantly less crowded. Once you have had your share of adrenalin rush inside the World of Ferrari, you head back to Dubai. These pools are lit at night with a magical floodlight which further enhances the beauty of the Mosque. This allows your English speaking guide to provide exclusive service. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is open till 10 pm at night, and hence attracts a lot of visitors. The roof is supported by 96 columns adorned with semi-precious stones. Although it was sunny, the temperature did not feel as hot as it did around sunset. I also read that the morning right after the mosque opens at 9 am was a good time to visit because it is less crowded and the temperature was not as hot. There is also a sign posted at the Mosque that lists the time of the next tour.