With this information in mind, let’s take a look at my top five picks for this year, starting with the…. This article will enlighten you more. So, don’t overlook it. If you are a quality-oriented person, you’ll want to go for the best brands possible. On the upside, this sub is quite good at reproducing sub-bass frequencies, especially when listening to EDM. It is the superb sound delivery at 300 watts of power output with decent frequency response & sensitivity. All of that matches the 3.4 inches of mounting depth, ideal for cars of all types – small or large ones. Likewise, if the impedance is too high, then not enough current may be pulled by the subwoofer and ultimately, the sound will sound weak and muted. The Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 can reproduce frequencies in the range of 38 Hz to 250 Hz, which is fairly inclusive. This will help you keep the subwoofer cool and prevent overheating. Powerful bass response thanks to the stiff mica-injected resin cone, Low impedance allows it to draw a relatively high amount of power, RMS isn’t that high compared to a lot of other subs in the market, Slight amount of distortion in the upper-bass region. Still, we always recommend high power output over low power outputs. Along with a low-profile design, you can set up this woofer on almost any large car, thanks to its design. Hence if you’re the kind of person that likes blasting your music out loud regularly, then this subwoofer could make you quite happy. If you don’t need the loudest subwoofer and will be happy with something that sounds well instead of powerful, then this one will match your needs completely. So read on! We can go as far as to say that with a good amplifier and the right audio system, you will probably won’t feel the difference between a shallow-mount and a traditional one. Also when the impedance is too low, more stress is placed on the amplifier since it has to keep outputting more. A larger 10-inch model won’t be a bad choice either, especially if you have a decently sized car with lots of trunk space or under-seat space. The frequency range refers to the diverse frequencies reproduced by the speaker. the sound output becomes louder). It is an 8-inch model that delivers 600 watts of power output. Hence, it can be safely paired up with most high-powered amplifiers on the market. However, we can’t all have large shallow mount subwoofers since we have to consider the available room inside of our vehicles. The Regular subs: These are bigger and they are heavy because of the difficulties while shifting the regular subs. This subwoofer has an impedance rating of 2 ohms, which I think helps to offset for its low sensitivity a little. A model with fewer watts than that may not offer proper loudness, and anything with a higher wattage will probably sound louder but not as crisp. However, some foam and cloth surround may have material added to them to make for this. This shallow mount woofer at 10 inches of size, delivers up to 1200 watts of power output that will surpass your expectations. So, if you can go for a higher decibel or sensitivity rating, that would be better. Most shallow-mount models nowadays are almost as good as any other model out there. Rockford Fosgate Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer. The bass response sounds particularly massive through this sub because of the increased cone surface area. Impedance refers to the amount of resistance (in ohms) that is displayed to the current supplied by an amp. It has an M-Roll Santoprene surround, a StampCast basket with spider venting, and a diamond-cut cast-aluminum trim ring. The best subwoofer for a car means that you … For each additional watt you feed it, you’ll end up adding 3 dB to the volume. Peak Power: 800 watts (each) | RMS Power: 500 watts (each). Since it doesn’t have a very high RMS, the Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 is best paired with a low-to-medium powered amplifier. This sub stands out because of its unique size. You won’t have any problem enjoying the sound quality, especially for its lack of distortion or vibration. What is a Shallow Mount Subwoofer? As a result, I did notice a slight amount of distortion occurring in the upper-bass region, especially whenever I listened to EDM. Similarly, the subwoofer materials will give you an idea about how the sound quality and durability of the unit. No products found. For its superb sound delivery to its fantastic construction, it will help you get proper audio without having to make much of an effort. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But if you don’t like its size or power handling, you can get larger models of 12 inches and up to 3000 watts output. The design is super small nonetheless, with a mounting depth of only 3 inches that will help you set it up anywhere effortlessly. But this also increases overall durability and makes sure the sound that goes out is totally free of distortion. With a rating of 500 Watts, the Skar Audio VD-10 D2 has the highest RMS on this list. Here, we’re explaining everything about shallow-mount woofers, including what they are, how you can pick the right one, as well as the best models available out there.