It’s obvious from the tone that a lot of time has been spent crafting a beautiful guitar that fits a market need: a … Seagull S6 Review. Seagull’s Artistic Mosaic is unrivaled as far as high-end acoustics go. That’s not what separates Seagull from others, though. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. This Canadian manufacturer manages to strike a balance between innovation and tradition. In a word: quality. Yet, of all of Godin’s products, possibly the most groundbreaking is the Seagull S6 acoustic. There was a problem. Check out this post for reviews of other awesome guitars including the best parlor guitars available in the market today. The interesting thing is that the basic premise behind Seagull guitars hasn’t changed. Their guitars are among a very few companies which walk the line between affordability and quality. For a limited time you can learn the best songs using the easiest systems available online to ensure you get the fastest results possible. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The top is solid choice spruce while the back and sides are made of wild cherry. All user reviews for the Seagull S6+ CW Cedar. But that is easily fixed by restringing them with better strings. With its elegant design, robust build, and amazing sound quality, the Seagull’s S6 classical has made its impact on the market—and in the hands of a seasoned musician, this big guy sings. This is an ideal choice for those who's playing takes them all the way up the neck. If you’re just here to single out the best Seagull guitar, their most popular model is the Seagull S6 Original. The neck is silver maple leaf, so this instrument is as Canadian as they come. BA1 1UA. In fact, as you look at the table above, it’s one of only items that make it different from the Classic. Request a new review. On that note, you’ll notice contractions like GT, SWS, HG, CW, which means glass-top, solid wood series, high-glass, and cutaway version, respectively. They also offer an acoustic variant without on-board electronics, so you can shortlist that one too if you don’t have a particular need for the electrics. The S6 still impresses with its tonal voice, tough build quality and price tag. The tones are warm, vibrant, and full, and there’s next to no string buzz. An acoustic guitar that can be hooked up to an amp, without losing those flavorful tones. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Seagull calls this line of guitars ‘rugged,’ because they’re meant to be cheaper than their other series, namely, the S6, Entourage, and Maritime, but Seagull didn’t trade-off either sound or quality for a bargain price. The Seagull S6 is an excellent all-around acoustic guitar for intermediate to advanced players. I’d give it a solid 5/5 for looks. The only downside I can think of is the price. Bath For the material choice and craftsmanship, this guitar is affordable, and frankly, at this price, a steal. The top is solid pressure-tested spruce, and the solid back and sides are made out of Canadian Wild Cherry. Please refresh the page and try again. Most importantly, though, the price tag isn’t too hard to swallow. Like; Tweet; Submit; Average Score: 4.8 ( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews ) 4 reviews: 80 % : 1 user review: 20 %: Value For Money : Excellent Not satisfied with those reviews? That’s the cedar top for you. So much so, that it sparked a whole new line – the S6 series. Even for a mid-range acoustic, the tonewood choice is nothing short of premium – Canadian Wild Cherry, paired with a cedar top. The strings this model ships with don’t offer as much volume, though. It is lively, animated, and energetic. Regardless of your skill level or budget, this brand has something to offer for everybody. The legacy of Seagull began in 1982 in a small town in Canada. It’s their affordable prices. Though it isn't equipped with electronics, this acoustic guitar is an excellent addition to any player's stable. The S6 Original’s dreadnought-shaped body centres around a solid cedar top, and laminated back and sides made of wild cherry. This is an ideal choice for those who's playing takes them all the way up the neck. If you've read descriptions of the S6 and wish you could find a version with electronics and a cutaway, you're in luck--the S6 Slim CW QIT offers some of the most impressive playability features in the Seagull Guitars lineup. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? With an unmatched build quality, sound, and performance, there are a few premium guitars that can go toe-to-toe with this work of art. In a nutshell, whichever Seagull instrument you go for, you can be sure that a lot of thought and attention to detail went into it. Highly recommended with the optional LR Baggs electronics. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, It's a tough bugger too. Additionally, while other models in our list feature aesthetics that’d blow you away, the look of this guitar isn’t too great. The other difference is the spruce top with the sunburst finish pattern versus the cedar top.