Created by: Shannon Conner. Great places for families to watch salmon It's spawning season! As state, tribal and federal salmon managers work together to establish this year’s fishing seasons, they have not forgotten about the needs of Puget Sound’s endangered killer whales. In Tulalip Bay, 26,558 coho are expected, 15,594 fewer than last year. ... Puget Sound Marine Area 10 Salmon Fishing – June 19, 2020. It didn’t take long for this father and son and the grand kid’s to get there limits of Puget Sound resident Coho Salmon. In fact, new documents related to the southern resident orcas describe an investigation looking to find ways to reduce fisheries at certain times and locations that might … Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail is unfortunately closed for the rest of the 2020 season. Updated September 28, 2020 . Big Coho Salmon In Puget Sound in July 2020. by WreckTangle | Jul 28, 2020 | Captains Log, Reports. There are chinook, coho, chum, sockeye, steelhead, and cutthroat trout. Puget Sound: Roughly 523,500 wild and hatchery coho are expected to return to Puget Sound this year, representing another decline from 2019 when 737,600 were predicted to return. Language: english. Fall is here, and salmon are returning to streams and rivers around the Puget Sound. Summer salmon fishing season is finally upon us here in Seattle and the rest of Puget Sound! Published September 2020. Good friends Ross and Bianca joined me this morning for another great day on Puget Sound. / Puget Sound Marine Area 10 Salmon Fishing – June 19, 2020. Puget Sound Squid Season 2020 Edmonds, Seattle, Tacoma, and other places around Puget Sound have continued to produce excellent numbers of squid for many anglers this year. June 19, 2020 // by Andrew Moravec. “The overall Puget Sound summer/fall Chinook forecast is 256,821 (38,516 are wild) in 2020, and slightly up from 246,837 (29,796) and 255,219 (27,404) in 2018.” Baltzell noted concerning trends for key Puget Sound salmon stocks that drive the season setting process. Going in the evening still offers the best chance, but many are opting for daytime fishing to avoid crowds, while others are utilizing their boats. The Kennedy Creek Salmon Trail (KCST) is our region’s premiere salmon-viewing experience. Just 366,289 salmon are predicted this year. Page topic: "2020 Puget Sound Commercial Salmon Regulations - WDFW". We look forward to seeing you next year. In Puget Sound, there were 416,319 hatchery salmon last year.