Perfect to describe the nature of the character of a classmate, celebrity, friend, partner or relative. It consists of two words: "wald," meaning forest, and … A vocabulary word list (word bank) filled with 'positive words'. German The German word waldeinsamkeit refers to the feeling of being alone in the woods, solitude, and a connectedness to nature. 21 Inspiring German Proverbs for German Learners. Whether you’re looking to use quotes to help you learn German or you want some beautiful words to brighten up your day, you’ll find them right here. See the list below or visit the Alcor Software website. For the superlative, English uses the -est ending, the same as in German except that German … Comparison Adjectives and Adverbs in German . To form the comparative for most adjectives or adverbs in German you simply add -er, as inneu/neuer (new/newer) or klein/kleiner (small/smaller). For example, the German language has the same word … German swear words often sound strong, harsh and work quite well when conveying one’s anger or frustration. Adjectives are an important part of any language such as German. I hope this list of 250 (or 300 of you downloaded the PDF) will help broaden your German vocabulary. Although it can also have a negative meaning, I still decided to include it in this list as you hear this word … Spanish … Which brings us back to my problem of “selling” Positive Psychology in German: Where there are no words, you can´t “spread the word”. Literal translation: “All beginnings are hard.” No matter what you are undertaking in life, whether it’s learning a new language, … To learn new German words painlessly, check out our e-book German … When I first tried to talk and write about Positive Psychology in German, oftentimes I felt a lack of the “right” words. German is known for being a tough (and harsh) language to speak. 1.Aller Anfang ist schwer. Vocabulary list of the most important positive and negative character properties in German language. And that’s no different when it comes to cursing. Below is a list of 47 funny, life-affirming and motivational quotes from some of our favourite German … Krass is a German slang word that suggests either something extremely positive OR extremely negative is happening or has happened. While French and Spanish swear words are particularly colorful, German swear words … Start test: Comprehension Start test: Active use Words … Besides the German Rhyming Dictionary, Alcor Software is offering many other rhyming dictionaries which are also available for free online.