4. So you do not need a separate track all you need is to smash the hell out of the track in the compressor settings, then use the mix knob to add only a little. Into ‘Drums Wet’ -track we are going to add the compression and ‘Drums Dry’ -track we leave dry. Power Users influential artists using our software. to each individual drum mixer tracks. Shop. Support After installing the Rough Rider, drop it to ‘Drums Wet’ -mixer tracks fx slot and goes extreme. Learn from professionals and discover the latest production techniques. Do that for each of the drum mixer tracks. In this video, Eric Kauffmann teaches you how Parallel Compression works in FL Studio! Just saying this to save your time from unnecessary clicking. Just a heads up, soundgoodizer is a just a one knob version of Maximus, which is a compressor. So now we have routed the drum tracks to two separate mixer tracks. Learn at your own pace with classes for every producer, from beginners to experts and everything in between. ? Re: How do I set up parallel compression on fl studio 11 This is straight from the manual, using Maximus: Parallel, or NY compression, is the term given to the compression technique in which a dry (uncompressed) signal is mixed with an over-compressed copy of the same signal. Find courses for nearly every DAW and VST. Parallel processing is a mixing technique where you duplicate audio signal, add processing (such as compression) to the other signal and leave the other signal non-processed (dry), mix them together and send them to the master out. The benefits of parallel compression are manyfold, though there are a few pitfalls. Learn from world class producers, who have been hand selected based on their expertise in music software and their ability to make incredible music. Pick a set of drum samples – kick drum, snare, closed hihat and open hihat – and drop them to the step sequencer sampler channels and … Reading Time: 2 minutes. So, in order to cope with this problem, drop exactly same set of plugins to both – ‘Drums Wet’ and ‘Drums Dry’ -mixer tracks. First add sends on all of your drum tracks and send them to your parallel compression track. https://www.image-line.com/support/flstudio_online_manual/html/plugins/Maximus_Tutorials.htm#Jump_Tutorial_NYCompression, https://howtomakeelectronicmusic.com/how-to-quickly-add-more-excitement-to-your-mix/, Why And How To Keep Low End In Mono in FL Studio. Parallel compression refers to the technique of duplicating a signal, compressing the copied signal, and then blending it back in with the uncompressed signal. So simply just click on a mixer track, press F2 and click on that little square box (on the right side in that rename -box) and choose the color. Would the result very different if i put a compressor on an insert slot of the drum group and I ajust the wet/ dry signal with the MIX LEVEL BUTTON at the right of the slot? Join our thriving music community to connect and network with others. Our Masterclasses provide you with a 60 day regimen that helps you learn a production program from start to finish. Some compressors also have a ‘mix’ knob where you can blend the compressed and uncompressed signals. Personally for me. , First of all thank you very much for your tutorial I am from China, the domestic didn’t find such a good website and so thorough interpretation thank. Parallel kick compression can sound incredible. Now, here is a little secret: many compressor plugins already have a mix knob built in. Thank you for your reply! First the drums dry, without parallel compression: And here’s the drums with parallel compression applied: Hear the difference? TAL NoiseMaker has to be one of the best freeware VST synths out there. FL…, EDIT: Sorry, this pack no longer exists. User account menu. Parallel processing is a mixing technique where you duplicate audio signal, add processing (such as compression) to the other signal and leave the other signal non-processed (dry), mix them together and send them to the master out. Parallel Compression will get you the best of both worlds! Lifetime free updates get future versions free. Press J to jump to the feed. So if we have two identical audio signals on two separate mixer tracks (like in this tutorial example) and we drop a plugin to either one of the tracks, plugin processing delay will cause an unwanted effect called phasing and we don’t want that to happen here as it makes the drums sound bad. "Academy.fm is amazing! If you’re looking for other good FREE samples, check out our Freebies section.…, Copyright © 2018 Howtomakeelectronicmusic.com, How To Use Parallel Processing In FL Studio, Best Limiter Plugins: Top 9 for Mixing and Mastering, Best Rhodes VST’s: 6 Plugins You Should Try, Best Waves Plugins: Top 18 Must Have Essentials. What the heck is parallel compression? This is also called ‘New York’ compression (don’t ask me why). Rough Rider by Audio Damage is a very good plugin for this. You can use the parallel processing technique on any sound and with whatever effect you want, but it’s especially useful with compression. Hi Petri, I was reading about parallel processing and I understood it in theory but needed an in DAW demonstration. It’s only one of the most POPULAR mixing techniques of all time! There are two ways to set up your session to use parallel compression on the … Parallel Compression Tutorial | How To Parallel Compress Drums in FL Studio. It(s very informative. How to deal with it in FL? Do that for each drum mixer tracks. The little up-arrow on that empty mixer track turns yellow. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'll show you a couple methods. Yeah, for some reason the PDC isn’t working in a routing situation like this. It might be a good idea to color the mixer tracks just to keep things organized as with all this routing, etc. You can also subscribe without commenting. Original … Learn and grow with a thriving community behind you. r/FL_Studio: The best FL Studio resource on the internet! So how to do parallel compression on FL studio. I didn’t try it yet, so I don’t know if it’s better than your method. Let’s begin. 3. Ok. Now find a balance between the ‘Drums Wet’ & ‘Drums Dry’ -mixer tracks. I also added Fruity Limiter to the ‘Drums Wet’ -mixer track just to increase the volume level as the above mentioned Rough Rider -settings brings the volume levels down. When we add a plugin to a mixer track, it will cause a minor delay that puts the audio on its mixer track out of sync with other mixer tracks. What is a MIDI Keyboard Controller and Do I Need One? The best FL Studio resource on the internet! It’s only one of the most POPULAR mixing techniques of all time! Insert 1 to Insert 10), and then add compression to the new insert (Insert 10) and adjust the levels to your liking. So, route the ‘Drums Wet’ & ‘Drums Dry’ -mixer tracks to an empty mixer track (this time using right click & choosing ‘Route to this track only’). Try using Maximus to customize the level and degree of compression that soundgoodizer cant give you. Join the fastest growing online music production school with 1,000+ courses & tutorials taught by professional producers! Oh, I forgot the tutorial link. Advance your production knowledge even more by connecting and networking with the thousands of producers in the Mastermind group. There IS an automatic plugin delay compensation (PDC) feature in FL Studio, but I found it’s not working in a routing situation like this. Ok. I was always convinced that ‘Parallel Processing’ is something really complex – ‘not for average minds as mine’ . Think of a situation where you have already routed signal to a lot of different mixer tracks, and you choose ‘Route to this track only’, you will loose all the other routings and you would have to set them up again. Parallel compression in simple terms means blending a heavily compressed version of a track back into the main track. Now here’s something very important so pay attention: plugin processing delay. Into this track, we will add the compression. But as say someone, it’s not very easy to do- Routing process is not very fun! I am using FL 12.3. So pick another empty mixer track, click on a drum mixer track and this time, LEFT click on that little up-arrow icon on that empty mixer track so that it turns yellow. I found a faster way – using Maximus. FL Studio one of the world's most popular music production systems. ?, FOR FL STUDIO USEr ONLY.. .. You might notice the compressor pumping as the cymbals ring out. Now we are going add some heavy compression to the ‘Drums Wet’ -mixer track. Try it! FL Studio. We are going to need one more empty mixer track – let’s rename it to ‘Semi Master’.