View Recipe Chunky Vegetable & Barley Soup With Garlic Sourdough Croutons. Spinach and Tomato Gratin serves 4. Spreading plants. Potato, kale and bacon gratin. Perfect next to your holiday ham or turkey, this green bean casserole has a creamy, rich cheese sauce that enhances, but doesn't cover up, the green beans, so they are still the star of the show. Spinach Gratin Creamed Spinach Blender Food Processor Food Processor Recipes Ninja Recipes Frozen Spinach Veggie Dishes Learn To Cook Air Fryer Recipes. This classic au gratin recipe is one of my favorites. Seed Variety – New Zealand Spinach Best as – Seed or Transplant Description. 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, thinly sliced 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 pound spinach leaves, coarsely chopped New Zealand Spinach Gratin - Only 5 Ingredients are needed to make this Vitamin bomb in the oven. New Zealand spinach, a warm-weather green, came to England in 1770 with the scientist Sir Joseph Banks. A heat loving heirloom spinach from New Zealand. View Recipe Tandoori Chicken with Raita. At Harvest to Table I offer easy solutions to common garden problems, helping you bring great food from your garden to your table all year round. View Recipe Asparagus, Tomato and Smoked Salmon Tart. I usually call on this recipe a day or two after a big baked ham dinner by simply reserving 1 or 2 pounds of ¼-inch ham slices. The ham and cheese and potato gratin is a flavorful and sustaining winter dish. Discover how to live a Free Range Life – enjoying the simple pleasures of exploring your creativity, connecting with nature and sharing food and laughter through the seasons. Best when picked all summer. Slow to bolt and thrives in hot weather. Chinese spinach is a slightly sweet, highly nutritious green, known in India for centuries. Thick, fleshy leaves. The other type of spinach you will find is New Zealand spinach (Tetragonia expansa), which grows particularly well in the southern hemisphere, and makes an ideal substitute for other types of spinach. But you can pick up a 1 to 2 pound ham steak at the butcher any day of the year to get this gratin made. View Recipe Super Banana Pancakes. Ways to Eat Spinach A vegetarian fast oven dish for everyday. View Recipe Ciro’s Gnocchi. 11 minutes is all it take to whip up this light and delicious sauteed broccolini side. The cooking methods and recipes discussed here are perfect for all types of spinach.