Five directional characteristics are selectable by means of a rotary switch. Neumann tlm 170 r??? I have been put in a unique situation to acquire the TLM 170 R for about half price. The Neumann TLM 170 R multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser mic ushers in a new era for Neumann by offering a neutral, transparent sound with no coloration. Forums < Back to the Neumann TLM 170 R page.   Includes shockmount and new box. It can be removed as needed or mounted on the other side of the microphone. Purple Badge, Very Good condition. 3 user reviews . To use the IC 4 cable (e.g. FIVE SELECTABLE POLAR PATTERNS. Includes shockmount and new box. Serviced In October. The Tlm 170 was pitted against a NeumannM149, an AKG 414, a Neumann KM184, A Blue, Baby Bottle, and a Sure SM 81. Neumann TLM 170 R. TLM 170 R, Large diaphragm condenser microphone from Neumann in the TLM 170 series. I plan to open a commercial grade studio and I'm slowly stockpiling various equipment. In the sixth position, marked "R," the … Equipped with a -10 dB pad, a low cut filter, and five polar pattern options, the TLM 170 R is ideal for sessions in professional recording studios, broadcasting, film and television and more. Hello GS, 1st post but i've been a reader for years and have a question of my own. Warning . Doorbuster Price Drops, Discounts, and More The Pre-Black Friday Sale The nickel Neumann TLM 170 R Multi-Pattern Large-Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone is a large-diaphragm, multi-pattern condenser microphone and features FET 100 technology, a balanced, transformerless output stage, low self-noise, and an impressive dynamic range. I do hip hop & r&b mainly but will soon be doing more pop and rock. The TLM 107 offers true high definition sound quality at an affordable price. 1983 Neumann TLM 170. Serviced In October. Reviews . This mic also works equally well on vocals, especially in the Omni mode, close micing. Neumann developed this microphone for project and home studio users who prefer to capture an uncolored sound image, true to the original source, in order to retain all options for post processing and mixing. The choice was easily made that the Tlm 170 reproduced the sound of the Trumpet, Trombone and the Saxophone as they sounded in the room without coloration. Neumann TLM 170 R average used price. Multi-Pattern mic with K 89 capsule, five remote-controllable patterns, with tilting bracket Buy @ Classified Ads. The TLM 170 R has a side-mounted swivel bracket for mounting on a tripod, which effectively protects the microphone against low-frequency, mechanical vibrations by means of integrated rubber elements.