Need only moong dal or split green gram or yellow lentils, sugar, water, khoya/mawa or dried milk with ghee or clarified butter, little cardamom powder and saffron. Bikanervala Moong Dal Burfi 750 gm: Enjoy this delicacy with the benefits of health, a sweet made of lentils. A very delicious and easy to make sweet for this special accession. INGREDIENTS: Sugar (Sucrose), Husked Green Gram (26.45%), Milk Solids (17.87%), Clarified Butter, Pistachio, Preservative (INS 202), Cardamom Powder, Rose Water, Saffron CONTAINS PERMITTED SYNTHETIC FOOD COLOR (INS 102, INS 110) AND ADDED FLAVOUR (NATURAL … You can make these with very simple and easily available ingredients. Moong dal burfi or split green gram fudge.