Dimidiation can be used without completing Rune Fencing the Night Away if the Ergon Weapon Epeolatry is equipped. Expends all runes to deal damage to a target. Gameplay [edit | edit source] Strength [edit | edit source]. Obtain the the Yahse Wildflower Petal at (K-7) of Yahse Hunting Grounds by examining the Yahse Wildflower. 1 Walkthrough 2 Game Description Need to be on Rune Fencer for this Quest After completing Forging New Bonds, you must zone to flag this quest. Use Ignis once and then speak to Ohruru again. Doesn’t rune fencer rely on parying for damage cut and cure? Greatswords are very powerful weapons with an extremely powerful merit Weapon Skill, Resolution.It can effectively double as both tank and DD with proper gear and support. ; Speak with Octavien again and attempt to "Use Rune Enhancement.". Speak to Octavien for a cut scene and obtain the Letter from Octavien.. Talk to Ohruru (E-7, Port Windurst inside the Orastery). Walkthrough. Rune Fencer is a job that harnesses elements through runes in order to increase magic defense. To a lesser extent, when super tanking you can get locked in and unable to move if there's too many things swinging/casting at you while you pull out your weapon. ; Obtain a Yahse wildflower petal from Yahse Hunting Grounds at (K-7) by examining the Yalse Wildflower. 1 Walkthrough 2 Game Description Speak to Octavien at (I-8) of Eastern Adoulin while your main job is level 30 or higher. Obtained: Rune Fencer Level 25 Recast Time: 3:00 Damage appears to be based on combat skill, number of runes, and typical Magic multiplier terms. Well hit those brakes pal and lets run down a few pros and cons with this job before we think we're the "Ultimate Magic Tank" Parry can be nice but my understanding is that sometime its not worth the TP feed in certain situations. Speak with Octavien at (I-8), accessed via the stairs. Okay, so you've just unlocked the Rune Fencer and are ready to get out there and start tanking!. Active nearly two decades, FFXI has over a dozen active servers, receives monthly updates, and is tied to Nexon's unreleased Final Fantasy XI R mobile project. In heraldry, dimidiation is a method of marshalling (heraldically combining) two coats of arms. The amount of attempts required can be from anywhere between 1 and 100, but it does not appear that you can fail. When harnessing specific elements of runes, not only does it increase the defense for that element, but also applies an en-spell of the opposing element to the weapon being wielded by a Rune Fencer. The element to which the rune fencer will be more resistant will be the one descendant to the one chosen, except for light and darkness, in which case the rune fencer will gain increased resistance to the opposing element. Added damage to normal weapon attacks, similar to Enspells. For a time, dimidiation preceded the method known as impalement. If you do not get a cutscene, speak once more to Ohruru. The effect's potency varies depending upon the rune fencer's level. Getting Started. To reach the flowers it is easiest to leave from Eastern Adoulin via the boat at (G-5), the nearest Waypoint is "The Wharf to Yahse". Dimidiation is only available to level 99 Rune Fencers. A community for those with interest in Square Enix's original MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI (FFXI, FF11). Rune Fencer is a more capable "magic swordsman"-type than Red Mage, whose archetype it somewhat overlaps with. ; It is a greatsword specialist.