© 2020 Williams-Sonoma, Inc. All Rights Reserved | Terms & Conditions (Updated April 2020) | Accessibility | Privacy Policy (Updated January 2020) | Legal Statement It is true that mango wood is indeed a hardwood, but it is still relatively soft and pliable. The contrast of wood and linens is always welcoming. SHIP YOUR ORDER TO ONE OF 24,000 UPS ACCESS POINTS™ NATIONWIDE. LEARN MORE >, Free Interior Design Services. START DESIGNING >, 20% OFF YOUR ORDER + FREE SHIPPING OVER $79 USE CODE: BLACKFRIDAY   EXCLUSIONS APPLY, GIFTING MADE EASY SHOP OUR FAVORITE GIFTS. Doors can also be made from mango wood; this is an exceptional opportunity to showcase the beauty of the wood while creating a durable and strong piece of furniture. We have a fine collection of Mango Wood Furniture, Rough Sawn & Smooth Finishes. LEARN MORE >, EARN 10% BACK IN REWARDS WHEN YOU USE YOUR POTTERY BARN CREDIT CARD1  LEARN MORE >, ROOM DESIGNS YOU DON'T HAVE TO IMAGINE. Don't miss out on sales, new arrivals and more. The texture of this furniture is highly unique. Mango wood desks are less common as well, though again, such a piece of furniture would be an ideal way to show off the beauty of the wood while creating a durable and affordable piece of furniture. Bamboo wood furniture is a good alternative to mango wood furniture because it is also considered to be sustainable wood. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. Mango wood is designed for durability. Furniture makers often want to know more about mango wood durability before committing to a large project. Mango Wood Benefits. Layer blankets or bedding with mango wood to bring out the cozy side of its finish. The best choices for mango wood furniture are pieces that will showcase the grain and tone of the wood; tables and chairs are very often made from mango wood, as are consoles, dressers, bed frames, and wardrobes. The most common mango wood furniture material is wood. The most commonly used material combined with mango wood is glass, as doors and tabletops can be accented with either material. With so many refined selections of mango wood furniture now available at Pottery Barn, take the time to explore this gorgeous wood for your home today. Each piece is Handmade from Real Solid Wood and supplied assembled except for tables … Some varieties will even feature a mix of the two shades for an especially beautiful piece of mango wood furniture. Finding looks that complement what you already own and love while updating your home's overall aesthetic makes redecorating special and satisfying. Look to mango wood when you need a durable wood that lends character to your other furnishings or textiles. See why mango wood furniture may be right for you. Mango wood furniture is any piece of furniture made from the wood that comes from mango trees. NEVER MISS A DELIVERY! Visit Us At . When it is harvested, the wood will usually cost less than other hardwoods because it is easier to grow and harvest, not to mention replace with new trees. Mango wood can be harvested more quickly than some other hardwoods, which can take decades to grow to a harvesting point. Mango Dining Tables & Chairs, Mango TV Units, Mango Coffee Tables, Mango Nest Of Tables, Mango Bookcases, Mango Mirrors, Mango Shelves. Go for a lush, exotic look with mango wood and soft, full textures like sheepskin rugs and lots of botanical elements. When you're looking for a new texture to bring home, mango wood furniture may be exactly what you want. This sturdy furniture makes its impact in fine decor settings with its rich visual appeal, dense grain and high ability to hold stains, waxes and other finishes. Las Vegas World Market B 135 . Kitchen cabinets, for example, are usually not made of mango, though there really is no reason not to use the wood for such purposes. Click here for details. This hardwood is strong and dense, which makes it a suitable material for a variety of furniture pieces. Multi-density fiberboard (MDF) is commonly used on all types of furniture made from hardwoods, and mango is no exception. These pieces look great in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms or even the kitchen by adding a deeper look that can help your home skew towards a rustic or global bohemian style. Some mango wood furniture items are less common but still quite functional.