Small Package Shipping Cost. Keto friendly Freed's options! Related recipes. Carolina Keto Bakery was created by the passion of a ketogenic lifestyle and a hankering for delicious keto baked goods. Keto - Paleo Bread. We recommend freezing the muffins/cookies/brownies once received and then pulling them out once ready to be eaten! Keto Chocolate Cupcakes. Keto Pecan Pie. We are based in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina. Visit Us. Keto cookies, keto pies, keto cheesecakes, keto pumpkin pie, keto cakes - yellow, almond, lemon, orange, coconut, red velvet, chocolate, espresso, hazelnut, and more. Nothing we express here should be taken as medical advice. Log in . Visit for Breakfast! 14.35. for sweetness when necessary. 8.00. Services What we do Our goal is to help bring people into a state of medically safe ketosis. See what you think. The medium box is great for splitting the shipping with keto friends and family! NUTRITION DISCLAIMER. For us, this involves four key elements: education, emotional support, food, and coordination with medical providers. DONUTS. Order your keto desserts online today! BREAKFAST. Shipping price only. CLICK FOR UPDATED COVID-19 POLICIES: ALL FREED'S LOCATIONS ARE OPEN AND 25% OFF LOCAL DELIVERY! Gift Card. (0) Search. $ 14.00 . Does not include any products in price. $ 13.00. Grain Free Dressing. So try out these Keto Boston Cream Donuts (my favorites) or some Keto Maple Donuts (my second favorites). from $ 44.00. We realize how difficult it can be do follow a ketogenic diet correctly, and for a … from $ 43.00. 100% Whole, Real, & Delicious. Sugar and grain free deliciousness. All PBH Foods treats are crafted in our small-batch bakery using whole, unprocessed ingredients. from $ 10.00. We understand that these are unique times and we are committed to paying exceptional attention to the little details that will keep our customers and employees safe. Medium Box Shipping Cost. $ 14.00. Keto diet friendly desserts! Keto Breakfast Bundles Subscribe About PBH PBH Tribe Rewards Recipes Log in; Create an account; Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; COOKIES. Keto Chocolate Muffins. $ 7.00. $ 14.00. Keto Lemon Cranberry Muffin. Thank you for trusting us and for all of your ongoing support! Keto Bakery. Medium box fits up to 32 items. My only advice if you don’t have time to bake yourself is to find yourself a good keto bakery nearby! Keto - Paleo Rolls. Our promise is all our goodies are: DAIRY FREE • GLUTEN FREE • GRAIN FREE • NON-GMO. All grain free and sugar free, using the sugar alcohols Erythritol or Xylitol (Keto pecan pie!) Keto Bread. Please note that we are not medical or nutrition professionals.