Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean itself does not become dirty. Below are some messages that can be sent as Jummah greetings on Fridays: Samuel Otareri – Nigerians And Shenanigans, Jason Njoku, Mark Essien, Japhet Omojuwa, Funke Akindele, others grace YECO 2017. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said: The one closest to Allah (SWT) will greet first | Sunan At-Tirmidhi 2694. Fear Allah. It is to make our life blessed with righteous deeds. Check on Page 2 for more Jumma Mubarak Messages, The brain behind Deedeesblog, Detola is an embodiment of creativity - With deep knowledge in Counseling and Photography, He started this platform to share happiness via digital contents in Relationships and Documentaries. Spread love and peace around you today because Friday is for peace, and with peace comes blessings. Jummah Mubarak! All problems shall be subtracted from your life today, and success upon success shall come your way. Anything and everything that is supposed to be yours shall freely come your way, Insha Allah. List of Jumma Mubarak quotes O Allah, teach me that which will benefit me, and increase me in knowledge. Dear Almighty, lead us to the Right Path. Let us beg for happiness and joy all years round this Jumma. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Jummah Mubarak. From various hadiths, it is also proven that Prophet Muhammad SAW used to celebrate this day and he declared Jumu’ah as a weekly Eid for Muslims. May you have a blessed day by the grace of Allah. Friday – The day when angels are standing at the doors of masjid, to record who comes first for prayers. 110+ Beautiful Jumma Mubarak Quotes, Messages, SMS & Wallpapers. 56. Jummah Mubarak! Remember me in your prayers today. May the blessings of Allah fill your household, and happiness shall continually be your portion. | Umm Umar Khaled, Friday Prayer. Have a wonderful day with your mind filled with thoughts of good. The best gift you can give someone is dua. Jummah Mubarak. Learn to ask, because Allah said if you knock he shall open the door for you. 14. Jummah Mubarak. 93. It’s Friday again! All Rights Reserved, Jumma Mubarak Messages to send to your loved ones. 114. Jumma Mubarak. 64. 110+ Beautiful Jumma Mubarak Quotes, Messages, SMS & Wallpapers (With Pictures). But first, let’s understand the meaning and the significance of Jumu’ah. Happy Friday, my friend. Jumma’at Kareem. 2. Therefore, here is a list of Alvida Jumma Mubarak Quotes in Urdu which you can send your loved ones to celebrate Alvida Jumma. 13. may Allah protect you this week and forever. Copyright © 2017 Have a blessed Friday. Jumma Mubarak. Whenever you are in a position to help someone. In his life that shines, Jumma Mubarak. 35. Good things and good things alone shall Allah provide unto you. Jumat Mubarak. Have a fun-filled Jummah. Beautiful Islamic Jummah Mubarak Images with Quotes and Wishes. The Best Collection (2017) of Jumma Mubarak Quotes & Sayings, in English, with Beautiful HD Images/Photos. Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and defend us from the torment of the Fire. 10. For all Muslim brothers and sisters, IslamicFestives.Com brings you a beautiful collection of Jumma mubarak quotes images in English. All that is broken in you shall be mended. Get more uplifting and inspiring surah and hadiths today, we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Happy Friday. 8. May he save you from all disgrace in this world. If you put your trust in Allah, he will not leave you without his mercy. 51. – Make a lot of Du’aa Just in case you are on the look out for the best Jumma Mubarak messages to send to your family and friends, then you are on the right page as usual. Wishing you the best of luck, thank God for the love you show to me, and Allah will continue to bless your hustles in life. 6. May the blessing of Allah be upon all the muslim umma of the entire world. Allah is the only solution to all your problems. 30. Allah shall grant you all you essentially need in life. One of the easiest way of making your loved ones and dear ones happy to is to send them Jumma mubarak quotes and images every week. May the spirit of Prophet Mohammed possess you and make you a partaker in today’s Jumat blessings. It also marks the end of the week and in Islamic countries new week begins from Saturday. Jumma Mubarak. Come to pray on schedule for the Jumma prayer and receive the reward of as much as offering a camel. May Allah forgive all your sins. Let us pursue good and nice things that will help us get close to Him, not negative things that will drag us away from the Lord. Jumma Mubarak! May 20, 2016 - Explore Perveen Khan's board "Jummah Mubarak messages" on Pinterest. May Allah answer all our requests, and grant us more life to witness more Jummah on earth. Jumat Mubarak. Happy Jumat. Jumat Mubarak! May the luck of this day satisfy you in great manner that will make you smile for the rest of your life. 2. Today, I pray that when you cry out to Allah he shall hear your cries and wipe your tears away. 54. 97. READ ALSO: Best quotes about hope and dreams. 43. From the small to big, from beginning to the end. May He grant us to be among those who lead a life in His path and who take every breath and the last with the word of testimony. any Quran Surah ,, i see .. Jumma Mubarak quotes, Jumma Mubarak wishes, Jumma Mubarak greetings in English to send to family, friends now. Our Lord is going to revive us after we die. Alhamdullilah. Barka Jumat! Jumma Mubarak Quotes in English. 113. 132. Pray until you feel the joy and humility in prostrating to your creator. 84. 103. 150+ Inspirational Islamic Quotes About Life With Beautiful Images, 100+ Empowering Islamic Quotes on Women, Modesty and Hijab (With Pictures), 100+ Beautiful Islamic Quotes from The Holy Quran in English (With Pictures), 230 Beautiful Rumi Quotes on Love, Life & Friendship (Best of Sufi Poetry), 300+ Islamic Quotes About Life on Happiness, Sadness, Forgive & Repent (Part 2), 12+ Islamic Condolence Messages For Muslims (With Explanation), 110+ Best Ramadan Quotes, Ramadan Mubarak Wishes & Greetings, 15+ Beautiful Islamic Quotes on Patience [With Pictures].