For the ultimate in building size and strength, this bar is the overwhelming choice of club owners and professionals. 7 ft. Olympic Bar This rugged competitor has been used in many championship lifts. It is a 7-foot Olympic bar that is precision made using the highest quality components … The Body-Solid Olympic Straight Bar is compatible with standard plates with a 600 weight plate capacity. Designed with a medium depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves, the CAP 7' Olympic Weight Bar swivels at the most delicate touch to prevent the bar from … Use with a weight bench, t-bar attachment, landmine, or power rack for full effectiveness. The OB86B is performance tested with a smooth black finish, 15.75” sleeve length, 51.5" space between collars, and 30mm grip diameter. CAP Olympic Weight Bar, Chrome, 7 ft. * … These bars … No matter what your needs are for weightlifting, we have a bar that will suit your needs! CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar for Weightlifting and Power Lifting | Various Specialty Bars We offer a variety of specialty bars for Olympic and Power Lifting. Sleeve diamater is 2" for Olympic style weight … Perfect for garages, basements, and home studios.