How long does it take to learn a language from scratch? rather than long-term goals that mean nothing (like “learn … Wondering how long does it take to learn a language? Here’s our answer, from start, to finish—fresh, to fluent! Depending on these two factors the time spent learning a new language … If you have short-term very well defined goals (make a phone call in the language within two weeks, learn all kitchen related vocab within an hour, have a 30 second chat in the language by the end of the first week etc.) So, how long do they say it takes to learn a language? As per my own experience, the required time depends mostly on three factors: Language Difficulty, Proficiency level, and how you learn! Well, based on the ETS Oral Proficiency Testing Manual from Princeton University , it depends on the language. The next natural question after deciding to learn a new language is: how many hours does it take to learn a foreign language and achieve fluency? The acquisition of a new language is a complex phenomenon that is different for each individual based on multiple various factors. Naturally, how long it takes you to learn a language also depends on how much time you plan to dedicate to language learning daily, weekly, or monthly. They have 4 “difficulty” categories for languages… Studies have proven that learners who are willing to dedicate an hour a day to language learning … It depends a lot on how motivated you are and how much time you have at your disposal for such an endeavor.