Social Support: Provide a 24-hour helpline, Befrienders Service, free mediation, pro bono legal assistance and a humanitarian assistance fund for FDWs. More than 200,000 foreign domestic workers are currently working in Singapore. Skills Training: To add value to the skill sets of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) working in Singapore to enhance their future employability and benefit their employers and local community as a whole. "We also want to reach out more to Indonesians, who form one of the largest groups of domestic workers in Singapore, and the often- forgotten fishermen and seafarers," he added. Many families in Singapore live in high-rise buildings. HelperPlace has listed for you a lot of qualified candidates with strong experiences as domestic helper, driver, maid, housekeeper, nanny or caregiver. Direct matching with verified CVs. Window cleaning and hanging laundry. In Singapore, there are about 250,000 foreign domestic workers (FDWs) being employed. I have been working in Singapore more than 12 years. This means about one in five Singapore households employ a maid to help them with general housework, cooking, and to look after the elderly, young children or family members with disabilities. I can good Asia food and Western food . Employers should also be sure to make the workplace as safe as possible, for the benefit of the maid, your children, and your family. Meet and hire your perfect domestic helper today on HelperChioce Ethical Platform Login Enter Your Email ... Hello , my name is cherry and I am from Myanmar. Still looking for a domestic helper in Singapore? Especially if your domestic helper is new, it is important to supervise her so that she knows how to handle her duties properly and safely. I am in Singapore now. Before employing a full-time foreign domestic worker, employers should familiarise themselves with Singapore’s laws regarding domestic work. Like many countries in Asia and elsewhere, foreign domestic workers are not covered by Singapore’s Employment Act, which means they can be subjected to ill-treatment in the form of excessively long working hours – particularly since they live with their employers. Foreign domestic helpers are not covered by the Employment Act, though their rights are enforced through various regulations, and contravening these can be a serious offence. In few minutes, you have the opportunity to connect with the right candidates.