PRIMAL CUT: LEG. Like many other cuts of pork, hams are often cured and smoked. Pork - The Other White Meat[Includes Nutrition Facts and Serving Suggestions! Pig feet are a key ingredient in the traditional Mexican menudo. Fresh Ham, Shank End: The leg is divided into two cuts—the tapered shank end and the more rounded sirloin end. I have decided to explain the lamb primal cuts showing the Handbook of Australian Meat (HAM) numbers. Starting from the front of the pig: Pork shoulder (also called pork … thermometer reads 160 degrees F. Let rest 15 to 20 minutes before carving. Butt. The diagrams are wonderful at showing how many sub-primal cuts we can get just from the one main piece of meat. The pork side (also called the pork belly) is where pancetta and bacon come from. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Mix remaining ingredients; brush ham frequently with sauce during the last hour of grilling time. It is a rather large cut accounting for approximately 24% of the carcass weight. Fresh ham, like the legs of other meat animals, contains large muscles with relatively small amounts of connective tissue. Long, slow simmering breaks down the tough connective tissues in the pork foot and tenderizes the meat. GRILLED FRESH HAM4 to 5 pound boneless fresh ham pork leg3/4 cup chili sauce1/4 cup red wine vinegar2 tablespoons lemon juice1 teaspoon dry mustard1 clove garlic, mincedPrepare covered grill with drip pan in center, bank with medium hot coals. Bone-in Ham - This type of ham can be a butt or shank portion or it could be a whole or half leg that has the hip, thigh and/or shank bone remaining as part of the ham.Semi-Boneless Ham - A ham from the leg primal cut that has only the leg bone remaining. Ham Cuts: Description: Whole Ham. Serrano ham and prosciutto are made from hams that are cured, smoked, and then air-dried. ], Cooking Methods and Cooking Tips For Fresh Ham. Baste occasionally with beer.12 Servings. The hip or shank bone has been removed, making it easier to carve.Boneless Ham - A round, oblong or rectangle-shaped cut that has all of the bones and most of the fat removed.Fully Cooked Ham - A ham that has been heated through to the middle reaching temperatures exceeding 147°F making it ready to eat without further cooking.Partially Cooked Ham - A ham that has been heated through to the middle reaching temperatures exceeding 137°F, but still requires additional cooking prior to eating.Uncooked Ham - A ham that requires cooking to prepare the meat for eating.Boiled Ham - A ham that has been boned, cured and cooked using a process that includes boiling the ham in water. Above the loin is another section of fatback which can be used for making lard, salt pork, or added to sausage or ground pork. But fresh hams also produce great roasts and can be prepared using almost any cooking method. It is meaty … Pork is divided into large sections called primal cuts, illustrated in the pig diagram. or more, but are generally sold in halves. It's where the expression "high on the hog" comes from. It is ready to serve as sliced ham or ham pieces. The lamb cuts chart diagram below is the same chart. Ham RecipesCourtesy of The National Pork Board. The whole ham can weigh 10 to 20 pounds. TipsCourtesy of The National Pork Board. There are many different varieties that are cured and smoked using different methods and some are processed to have a lower fat content. With ​proper cooking, even those tougher cuts can be luscious and tender.