The modern English substantive land was developed by the English word erthe (recorded in 1137), which comes from the old English word eorthe (dated before 725). Featured. Browse Videos. PLANET 'PLANET' is a 6 letter word starting with P and ending with T Crossword clues for 'PLANET' Clue Answer; Venus, say (6) PLANET: Earth, say (6) Large celestial body (6) Saturn or Mars, eg (6) Neptune, for example (6) Venus, Mars, eg (6) Krypton, e.g. Greek words for astronomy, stars, zodiac signs and planets. Africa. Greek pronunciation - Singular. technology Click here for more Greek language lessons. Can anyone tell me what this word means? Greek word - Singular. Greek Translation. Find more words! Earth (Gaia) is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology. Destinations . Explore every day. How to say terrestrial planet in Greek. Browse and download Minecraft Greek Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. Featured. οχολικó Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on ... Search Lonely Planet. The word planet comes from the Greek phrase: aster planetes “wandering star,” and refers to the planets in our solar system, which we can see moving across the night sky, unlike the other stars which are so far away that any movement relative to us is imperceptible without a telescope. Best in Travel. The word Earth originates from the name of the ancient Greek goddess Gaia. Asia. (6) Ork, for one (6) Solar-heated orbiter (6) Venus, e.g. Greek pronunciation - Plural. There are, of course, many other names for our planet in other languages. The word planet comes from the Greek word for “wandering.” schizophrenia People with this mental disorder have been described as having a “split personality,” and the name comes from Greek words for “split” and “mind.” Symptoms may include hallucinations, delusions, or disorganized speech. Beaches, coasts and islands. Adventure travel. Best in Travel 2020. Antarctica. The name derives from Old English and Germanic. Video. χερσαίο πλανήτη chersaío planíti. The planet is aptly named since it makes a beautiful sight in the sky, with only the Sun and the Moon being brighter. English word. Journeys. Learn the basic Greek words for astronomy, the names of the planets of our solar system, the zodiac signs and the constellations. Search. Art and culture. Food and drink.