By: Desirae Roy 21 September, 2017. Most of these shade-tolerant evergreens prefer to be in full or partial sunlight; that means they are not the best plants for bedroom and other indoor areas. Each species of tree has its own range of shade tolerance. Yes, you can grow evergreen trees and shrubs in shade. A very hardy evergreen choice for shaded areas is the yew. Heavy shade means areas that get no direct sun at all, like areas permanently shaded by dense evergreens. How to Care for Fast Growing Evergreen Trees. Some varieties also provide privacy as they mature. For instance, heavy shade can be characterized as a site where no direct sunlight reaches the site such as that found at the base of a north-facing wall or below dense evergreens (e.g., under hemlocks). Trees That Grow in Shade Read on to learn about three options that do well in the shadows. Yew. For year-round good looks that complement almost everything, try shade-tolerant evergreens, like Emer­ald Spreader™ Japanese yew (USDA Hardiness Zones 5–7). Typically when considering evergreens, the gardener automatically pictures hedges, screening, or landscape border plants in sunny, open areas. Some of these trees have a high tolerance for environmental factors such as extreme weather conditions, insects, and poor soil drainage. Evergreens make excellent neighbors. To properly select plants suitable to your site, defining the level of shade or sun the plant will receive is helpful. Read on to learn more about growing trees in shade and which ones are the most suitable. Shade loving evergreens are a great choice for sections of your landscape with very little or no light. Who knew? By Christine Froehlich Fine Gardening - Issue 130. Evergreens that Grow in Full Shade. Trees for shady areas do not all have the same shade preferences.