Brand new chips can be stale. If you are in need of a part for your unit after troubleshooting, please visit for our available parts. More than that can over-saturate your chips, raising their ignition temperature. Temps do swing esp if it's a COLD day otherwise I don't care enough, put a smoke wireless thermo in the meat set the alarm at my pull temp and enjoy a cigar. – Open air flow will assist the wood to ignite. Masterbuilt 20070211 Assembly, Care & Use Manual (21 pages) . Locate and press the “Reset” button on the rear of the controller with a toothpick. Press the time button. Adjust the hours you require. If you see this your burner may not be getting enough air. *Do not store or cover until the grill has completely cooled. View our Video "Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse: Cleaning and Storage" cleaning your smoker, mix 50/50 hot water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well. Power off the smoker and allow it to cool completely. Attaching an aftermarket hose to use a full-size tank will cause the unit to not attain proper gas pressure. 1. Some units are specifically manufactured to be used with 1 lb propane bottles. Please contact us. Once wood chips begin to smoke adjust the temperature to the desired cooking setting, then add food and water. Once the lid is closed, the grill will return to the set temperature. Our units cannot be converted to natural gas. 5. – Butterball® 5L Fryer – 1.3 gallons max– Butterball® Electric Fryer – 2 gallons– Butterball® XL Electric Fryer – 2.75-3 gallons– Do not exceed the maximum fill line. More than likely something will look burnt. ... Reset. Since the smoker turns on, I am hoping whatever is happening isn't fatal. Make sure no other appliances are plugged into the same outlet or circuit. For the backyard griller or on-the-go meat master. Electric smoker assembly, care & use manual warning & safety information Edit: if that does not work unplug smoker for 10 seconds to allow control panel to reset and try again. Download the Smoking Times and Temperature PDF, You may use dry or pre-soaked wood chips in your smoker. Warranty support does require a product registration be completed prior to receiving assistance. Adjust the temperature by pressing the up arrow over and over. Have you REGISTERED your product? Chunks larger than fist size will create too much heat on the door and cause damage to the unit. I tried the smoker … If the temperature is set to anything under 500°F and the lid is opened, the fan will run continuously to try and maintain the set temperature. Model D4015: Press the “Hot Smoke” button again. 3. If your smoker gets extremely dirty, you can do a deep clean and reseason it to maintain the protective coating on the inside. – Chips can go stale. Then power on controller and set temp. Fill the hopper with charcoal approximately ¼ - ½  full.2. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. We have tried to bring some common issues of masterbuilt electric smoker troubleshooting that every new user face when they bring it for the first time. The smoker turns on. Our units are tested and designed to operate on LP gas and our company does not do any testing with natural gas. To register your product, please visit Pellet Smoker is showing ERR1: Meat Probe Error. Firebrick material is food safe and capable of handling the high temperatures of the hopper burn area. Perform a leak test as described in your manual. Start your grill following the START-UP instructions and set the temperature to 250°F (121°C) for 60 minutes.3. How Much Oil Does The Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer Use? Check the L shaped bar. If controller resets/turns off then you have bad wiring. After your unit is lit you may increase the gas on your tank to full ON. The two slides will be used to smother the fire. Fry your turkey for 3 ½ to 4 minutes per lb. 1. During the last 45 minutes, add 1/2 cup of wood chips in the wood chip loader to complete the pre-seasoning process. The length of the burn time also depends on the outside temperature.