Like all other parrot species, the breeding behavior can be noticed in an Eclectus pair too. Aggression and feeling a bit territorial is seen in both the cock and the hen. The Spruce Pets explains that the Eclectus parrots are active birds and need plenty of room to exercise. Australian Eclectus parrots – Also known as the Macgillivray Eclectus parrots, these are native to Australia, specifically in the Cape York Peninsula. That’s because they sport different colors: males are emerald green with brightly colored beaks while females are bright red. That said, the males have always been reported to be a little calmer when compared to the females. These birds have a much laid back personality that is greatly adored. Eclectus are calm but curious birds that make great companions in steady homes. "They should have access to a large play stand and a "bird-safe" area in which to climb and explore. You thought you’d seen the brightest and most unique colored parrots out there. Think again. However, because of their unique digestive tracts and dietary needs, they are prone to certain nutritional disorders. Proper exercise helps the Eclectus maintain its physical and mental health, and is … By familiarizing yourself with common disorders, watching for symptoms, and reviewing your parrot’s diet, you’ll be better able to spot signs of nutritional disorders in your eclectus. SOURCE:SGS Birds Let’s talk behavior. Personality Traits of the Eclectus Parrot. Eclectus Parrot General Info. At an average length of 14.5 inches and 37 cm, this subspecies is the largest out of all the Eclectus parrots. For years people thought the male and female eclectus parrots were totally different birds. The Eclectus is not very gregarious, he prefers to live alone or in a couple. These birds are most commonly found in places like the Solomon Islands, Maluki islands, southern Indonesia and northern parts of Australia. As a result, it is not a clingy pet bird, it is more of the reserved and autonomous style He likes to be in the presence of his humans but in the same room … Eclectus Parrot Breeding Behavior. Eclectus parrots are beautiful and interesting birds that make great pets. Eclectus is the intelligent and sharp breed of parrots. The Eclectus parrot is here to steal the show. While all Eclectus share some common traits, things like their sex, subspecies, and how they were raised can all impact the look and personality of a bird.