The Headstock Drilling and Slotting Jig is designed to allow anyone to create a slotted peghead precisely and accurately with relative ease. I've got the tools to do it (mini vise, gauged slot saws, nut files, spacing gauge etc) but you don't NEED the special tools, it just makes it easier! That's one of the nicer vines I've seen, normally these vine'd guitars are too much bling-bling for me, but that's a real looker. Why’d they drill a hole in the head stock?! Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. Nicely repaired by John Arnold. I’ve seen this on many vintage guitars, Martins, Gibson’s etc.. And usually someone has come along after the fact and plugged patched the hole. I'd definitely play that. I went with a set of nickel TonePro-Klusons (TPKB3-N). Glad your project (and nerves) turned out OK, but..... Just for future reference (or others contemplating the same type project), the cutting tool designed to make an existing hole larger is called a "ream". To begin with, there are two kinds of guide-holes. Glad the job turned out for you - - and yes, pics please. yeah done that. I’ve seen this on many vintage guitars, Martins, Gibson’s etc.. And usually someone has come along after the fact and plugged patched the hole. If you're using Grovers (or other sealed-housing tuners with same size bushings) drill through the headstock with 5/16" brad point, using a static plywood table underneath (one that can be shifted to allow each hole to be drilled above a fresh piece of table.) I did that mod to an old Citation guitar for the first time and like you I drilled the holes out. Heart, backed up by decent skill and knowledge will do it. The Pilot Program. My nerves were shot! The golden rule for successful guitar building is to make templates for all parts by drawing everything full size so you know precisely it all works before you cut any wood or drill any holes. Good on you that you are not afraid of doing your own guitar work, but to say the above just ain't so. Paste as plain text instead, × I just wouldn't learn on my Gibby! Thats exactly why god created luthiers. I learned then that if I ever do it again I will buy the proper reamer instead of a drill. Posted on June 14, 2016 June 14, 2016 Full size 3264 × 2448 Post navigation. It wouldn’t likely catch the causal observer’s attention except for where the lacquer shrank back from the repaired finish. It was likely drilled for a place to hang up the guitar, either with a piece of twine or a hook. This anodized aluminum jig accurately locates mounting pin holes in the back of a guitar headstock. There's a well regarded course for all this type of work in my home town in Scotland, but as I no longer live there and there's nothing like that where I live now, I'm forced to swallow some brave pills or take it to my tech (my normal choice). Drill holes in the headstock for the tuning pegs. Someone accidentally wandered into the TARDIS. B). That is how you learn is by doing it. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. Yeah! Be sure to read the instructions (under 'attachments') and watch our video (below) and you'll see why you should have this tool! Also, the Vine's actual bridge block is shaped slightly different than the SJ's & it's a tad thicker overall (deeper saddle slot, I suppose?). Finally drill the other holes, shifting the position of the clamp when necessary. For example, if you replace some of the vintage-style tuners with more modern ones, there’s a good chance you’ll need to enlarge the tuner post hole in the headstock. Once you know the parameters you're looking to be in, nuts and saddles are cake. It's very difficult to precisely widen an existing hole in wood.. even clamped down in a drillpress. Unfortunately I chipped the headstock out around the hole a little. Strap buttons are one thing . basically the first primitive version of a guitar strap.