Be sure to brush up on how to eat with a knife and fork before you travel to Norway. There, children toss their milk teeth onto the roof when they fall out. Have you ever cried at an opera, despite not speaking any Italian? Being early for the Venezuelans means the person is either overly eager or greedy. Societies also have their own established birthday traditions. It is a wonderful post.This is really great post having useful information.It is a wonderful post. Bernadine Racoma is a senior content writer at Day Translations, a human translation services company. If you do, we’re here to help. The winner, appropriately, is presented with a cheese as their prize. Javascript is disabled in your browser. When you’re in Germany and invited to a gathering, it is a tradition to shake hands with everyone in the room. Speaking of food, did you know that in Bolivia it is traditional to bake money into sweet pastries and cakes on New Year’s Eve? Or left a mince pie and a tipple out for Father Christmas? That it continues to be so widespread shows the difficulty of breaking such an ingrained cultural tradition. But Greek children are told to toss their tooth onto their roofs. 20 Fascinating Cultural Traditions Around the World 1. After all, here at Tomedes we do love language in all its forms. So what…, Are you dating a Latino? Hindu brides will also be found in red, in the form of a wedding sari or a lehenga (this differs according to the region of India that the bride lives in). They believe that, thanks to a mystical process known as transubstantiation, they are consuming the body of Jesus Christ. It’s almost customary when sharing a drink especially when there is a celebration to say cheers and clink your glasses. I love your work. Read more: People from Non-English Speaking Countries: What is Internet Culture Like in Your First Language? Local history indicates that the tradition began in order to ensure that the mayor was not living off the fat of the land. So informative. Web 3.0 makes it easier than ever for... Latin America is a diverse, multicultural region that has plenty to offer its inhabitants and visitors alike. If you have Russian business associates or friends, be careful of the... 2. Our translators are native speakers, assuring you that we provide you with the most accurate translation possible in over 100 languages. Just as some traditions grow, others gradually dwindle over the years. The value of being on time depends on the country. Many cultures around the world have traditions that relate to clothing. Product Localization: All You Need to Know, 6 Facts About Latin America You Should Know About, Beyond K-Pop: Unique Korean Wedding Traditions and Symbols, Basics of Learning Mandarin, the Most Spoken Language in the World, The Minions’ language is a combination of French, Spanish, English… and food references. Thanks, I am glad to see such a nice and funny article. In Germany, when a person reaches 25 and is still single, friends will string socks from the celebrant’s home to the birthday party venue, with stops after a few socks while friends encourage the birthday celebrant to have a drink. The cultural tradition is meant for the child to have a healthy tooth as well as good luck to the family. It is all right to reciprocate by inviting your host to a follow-up meal so you can have your turn to pay for the lunch or dinner. In Nantes however, it’s all right to give four kisses on the cheeks. It’s fine for the Chinese if you are late for 10 minutes while Mexicans and Greeks will excuse you if you arrive 30 minutes after the appointed time. Given how pervasive culture’s influence is, I’m going to pick some really banal ones from the U.S. macro-culture to kinda illustrate that it’s quicker to list things which aren’t cultural practices: Thanksgiving dinner. In Toulouse, you can kiss both cheeks. The colour that a bride wears on her wedding day is often traditional and thought to bring good luck. In France, people buy funny hats for their 25-year old single friends on November 25, which is Saint Catherine’s Day. But the traditional practice is not done in Hungary. It’s the night before Día de Reyes, which honours the Three Kings presenting their gifts to baby Jesus. During holy communion, for example, Catholics consume a wafer made from unleavened bread. There’s even a Wife Carrying World Championship. Indeed, many traditions are born of superstitions – widely held but irrational beliefs, often linked to luck and to the supernatural. The objective is the same, to drag the opponent by the finger across the table.