". I think the only thing that's changed at all in the discussion, is that the Leviathan on Titan does look like a Worm God. Expand Image. While I’m playing in Titan, I noticed a hidden strange worm that can be killed. I’m kinda new to Destiny world. Destiny 2 Legacy DTR ... Titan. share . 100% Upvoted. Eir, the Keeper of Order. We didn't really know what it was, back then but we all had assumed it may be a worm-god. Review Rating "Have you ever stared into the green soulfire flame? "In the beginning, there were five. An audacious gesture, to seek the deepest knowledge. The proto-Hive revered it, though they considered it mythical, and would swear oaths upon it. —Eris Morn Read Lore. But nothing happened afterwards. At the time we weren't sure of that shadowy figure in the Titan Ocean was a Worm God. Now thanks to Xol we know what they look like, and this thing on Titan is probably a worm-god. 5 comments. To know the unknowable, the origin of all things. For Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "what does everyone think about the giant worm on titan? It was a disciple of the Traveler, and aided in imprisoning the five Worm Gods within the planet's core. It could be Xol but I highly doubt it. I was thinking about that worm-like beast y'all have probably already seen on Titan. Wormgod Caress. known2FAIL 2 years ago #1. Exotic Gauntlets. The Leviathan was a massive intelligent creature that resided deep within the ocean of the gas giant Fundament long ago. save hide report. Being Oryx's worm is the most likely candidate for the truthful explanation, (because I don't know why a Worm God would be kickin' it on Titan at all) but we really just don't know. Wormgod Caress. II: COMMUNION He stood before his gods, humbled. Now... if you compare the look of Xol to that shadow... there is no question that the shadow is a Worm God since they look practically the same. Xol, Will of the Thousands.And they were Virtuous." Ur, the Ever-Hunger. User Info: known2FAIL. I knew lately that there are cool secret missions like the one in the Farm and Whisper mission. Yul, the Honest Worm. Is there any secret mission in Titan? There is terror, but also… something warm." — Weblore, "Apocrypha"The Worm Gods are the patron deities of the Hive, second only to the Darkness itself. Akka, the Worm of Secrets.