Search. Series. Cart. (CRUs are the parts of the system that should not need an engineer to remove or replace.) Crucial Memory and SSD upgrades - 100% Compatibility Guaranteed for dell latitude - FREE US Delivery. Latitude 14 (7410) Latitude 14 (7480) Latitude 14 (9410) Latitude 14 3000 Series. Last price update. Memory specifications Description Values Memory slots Built on system board Memory type Dual-channel DDR4 Memory speed 2666 MHz Maximum memory configuration 32 GB Minimum memory configuration 4 GB Memory configurations supported • 4 GB, 1 x 4 GB • 8 GB, 2 x 4 GB Products; Solutions ... parts of a Latitude 7410 Notebook and 2-in-1 system. Latitude 14 5000 Series (DDR3) Latitude 14 5000 Series (DDR4) Latitude 14 Rugged (5404) Latitude 14 Rugged (5414) The technical background for higher maximum usable capacities with CompuRAM upgrades is explained in our blog post ‘Maximise the maximum?’. Table 9. Memory The following table lists the memory specifications of your Latitude 7410. Search. Model. 5th Sep 2020. This article is a guide to safe removal and replacement of those parts of a Latitude 7410 and 7410 2-in-1 notebook that Dell considers safe and easy for anyone to attempt. 16GB RAM. The maximum RAM capacity mentioned here can be greater than the figure specified by Dell. Latitude. ... Pre-Removal Instructions before … 7410.