The Vaporizer Hoodie is just one of those funky hoodies you have to have. If you want to get as close to being like Ryu in Street Fighter with as little effort as possible, then here’s the answer for you. You have probably had to squeeze into an outfit or two, or tried to pass off those skinny jeans from five years ago as still fashionable, but when was the last time your outfit squeezed you? Yet another pocket is designed to hold a writing or stylus pen, and several others are included for the easy transportation of gloves, blankets, neck pillows, eye masks, and phone chargers, just to name a few. Well, yours of course. Find It Here. 27 Unique Gift Ideas for Boaters and Yacht Owners. Find It Here. Although it appears gray when unlit, the hoodie will make you look like nothing more than a silhouette against its brightly shining glow if anyone tries to take a picture of you. Wear this warm shirt anytime you need to lounge around in comfort. This quirky shirt is made of a cotton and polyester blend that will keep you warm and comfortable, and the front of the hoodie is fitted with a stretchable third pocket that is insulated to keep your drink cold. There is something to be said for the nerdy side of hoodie culture, and this Armored Knight Hoodie fits that description perfectly. The Beer Holder Hoodie makes an excellent gift for the tailgater in your life! The front of the hoodie features a large Jedi Order symbol on the left breast, while the back displays a blue lightsaber surrounded by characters from the classic films. If you put your mates first over anything else you, my friend, are a true Crow. But it will surely make you instantly noticeable, so go on now and wear it wherever you go. So for now, just enjoy this cool retro hoodie that bears the McFly name and the year that changed it all – ‘88. Show off your love of this popular HBO show with this excellent hoodie! It should feel like the real thing, too—the Executive Hoodie is made of a wool and cashmere blend and even features a hidden breast pocket to complete the look. Retain your awesomeness clad in this hoodie and take your life by storm in this or any other of hoodies on this list. Choose your favorite from the list of creative hoodies, and learn something about this classic garment in the process! When you want to pretend like you are an important business executive but do not actually want to have to wear a suit, you need the Executive Hoodie. Who knew Star Wars was so synonymous with awesome hoodies for guys? All rights reserved. Find It Here. The shirt itself has faux gauntlets and a breastplate section, while the hood comes equipped with a visor and faceplate that can be retracted just like those on a real knight’s helmet. Close the hood and cover your face with a fabric version of a Storm Trooper’s helmet to complete your pseudo-costume just in time for the next sci-fi convention. Show off your affiliation with the Light Side of the Force with this warm and cozy hoodie. Your friend? Find It Here. So, we set out to find the “Most Awesome Hoodies for Guys” from around the universe, that are perhaps a little more “unique” and creative. The iconic skull sign of The Punisher still manages to be easily recognizable and cool, especially on this awesome men’s hoodie for comic book fans. The hoodie is made of a comfortable fabric blend and comes in a variety of colors. At least, when it comes to being the most recognizable face of the Sith movement. This funny hoodie for men carries out a serious philosophical message in a hilarious emoji-fueled way, and that’s great. For all the Emperor’s shenanigans, he still comes up short of Darth Maul. The lights can be set to pulse slowly, pulse quickly, or just stay on, depending on your mood. When it comes to Pokemon hoodies, you probably expect some homage to Pikachu or Charmander. Find It Here. Find It Here. Shop Cute Men's Hoodies & Sweatshirts from CafePress. The thing is the World Wrestling Federation and World Wildlife Fund have one thing in common – the first letters. Find It Here. If you think that hoodies come only in one layer of fabric you are greatly mistaken. What better way to save a few dollars, than to purchase a shirt that could double as a coat? Find It Here. Use the beer pouch to hold bottles, cans, or other drink containers. We surely do, especially those that carry such wisdom as this one. You can wear this unique hoodie at home or outdoors if you prefer to be drawing looks to yourself on the daily basis. Best of all, it is a tough and rugged shirt that will not rip or tear with frequent use. Great for clubs, parties, or just showing off, this hoodie is available in five different colors to match your personality perfectly. If you are looking for the epitome of cool hooded sweatshirts, this Game of Thrones Hoodie is just what you need. Nothing says “beer me” like the Beer Holder Hoodie.