Dump into a 9×13 pan and top with remaining Parmesan. Bake … It has all the goodness of butter, cream and Parmesan. Cover with two layers of tin foil. Cheesy. In a large pot, prepare pasta al dente as directed on the package. Pour ½ of sauce over pasta and toss to coat. This guilt free version of chicken Alfredo is creamy, flavor and is even tastier than the original. I don't know about you, but I love a good Alfredo. Gently mix in chicken and broccoli. Now, I realize that whole wheat rotini isn’t the traditional pasta used with Alfredo sauce. And we'll add more cheese plus other stuff to make a great fall casserole. Cooking instructions: Thaw. My family has loved all of the other Dump-and-Bake dishes that I've made, and it seems like you guys have too! Plus, it all comes together in under 30 I make this one pan Easy Chicken Alfredo a bit healthier by using Full Circle Organic Whole Wheat Rotini, broccoli, and a mix of 2% milk and cream instead of all cream. Freeze. And why shouldn't we love it? Yummy. So today we're taking good old Alfredo sauce and making a chicken pasta bake. It's rich, it's definitely not good for you, but it's oh so yummy. With practically no effort at all (and only a handful of very simple ingredients), you can have a homemade Chicken Alfredo Pasta tender, warm, and oozing with creamy goodness. Creamy. Chicken and broccoli coated in a light skinny garlic Alfredo sauce. * Drain and put back in pot.