Eugenia aggregata. Please visit our seed store to view current selections. I estimate it will put on at least 2 feet Cherry of the Rio Grande Eugenia aggregata.    The Cherry of the Rio Grande, Eugenia aggregata, is native to Brazil and grows quite well in south Florida. Richard: DESCRIPTIONS Cherry of the Rio Grande.Small evergreen tree or large shrub which commonly grows to about 15 feet. As the tree gets older the bark peels off, resulting in a smooth and very attractive trunk. Small, often multi-branching tree or shrub, from 10-20ft high. A relatively hardy plant, it can tolerate as low as low 20's F when mature. The delicious cherry, beautiful dark red to purple, produced soon after flowering. Cherry of Rio Grande. 4148 Eugenia aggregata - Cherry of the Rio Grande. Makes good wine and fruit puddings. The Cherry of the Rio Grande by Gene Joyner, Extension Agent I IFAS Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service. Needs decent watering until established. They are distant relative of the Surinam cherry and come from a genus that was only recently given more thorough study. Grumachama is a gorgeous, small to medium sized sub-tropical cherry tree indigenous to the coastal areas of southeast Brazil. Leaves are 2-3" long, glossy, waxy, dark green, and somewhat folded down the center. ©Top Tropicals LLC, 2003 - The purpose of the Lids: Small white flowers appear early in Spring and blooming and fruiting season continues for several months into Summer. Leaves are 2-3" long, glossy, waxy, dark green, and somewhat folded down the center. The showy white flowers are followed by dark purple plum sized fruit which have a sweet juicy cherry flavour. The window shown in the images faces south. Please do not order not-certified plants to California addresses. Seeds are very slow to germinate. The flowers are white and quite showy. rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit. I think it would be a lifetime of The delicious cherry is one inch oblong fruit, beautiful dark red to purple, and is produced soon after flowering. They are commonly eaten fresh, used in cooking and pies, and they are excellent in ice cream. I'm discovering in my location that they have