While some Mimeoplasm decks follow the more standard Voltron approach, my biggest win-cons are combos. Demonic Tutor - Perhaps the best tutor in the game. Just when your opponent thought you where wide open. -You love combo deck: if like me you love combo decks, this deck is the best choice! Primeval Titan - The old faithful. Remember, once you get your combo on the table; its over! Upvote 0. I hope I did good. Discord Server | You’re looking for a deck that combos off as quickly as possible. Unusual 5 drop from the ideas of my fellow AleCarbo98. Deathrite Shaman - This deck runs all 9 possible fetchlands. Plus, Reflecting Pool takes the most benefits from them acting as a second City of Brass or Mana Confluence without taking any damage. Intuition - If selected correctly you still get what you need. Obviously core card of EDH in general. It let you search what you want among three cards, it synergizes very well with Dark Confidant. I'm open to all comments, suggestions, and advice. You can even think to keep the hand just for this card. In order to quickly setup these combo's we need cards that give flexibility, added bonus or have incredible value to begin with. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Staple land in EDH. However, it doesn't have any utility and viability better than the one a The Mimeoplasm can offer. Hymn is a great card but tricky to cast early on because of . This annoying message will go away once you do! monkeryz. And lets face it; the dude has a freaking T-Rex as an arm. The Mimeoplasm is a Sultai Reanimator deck. High risk High reward, they say, and it's definitely worth the risk. You will win the round you need it. How awesome is that?! While having a less powerful dredge power than Golgari Grave-Troll, he only cost making him a better card in hand. This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC This is the one and only 1 mana draw sorcery of the deck, however it gives the advantage of a 3 cmc draw spell for this deck: if you have a reanimator spell and this card in hand you almost instantly won: t1 Careful Study discarding some big guys, followed by a reanimator spell seals the game for you in most of the cases. Playtest v1. The Mimeoplasm + Putrefax + body of power 5. a v e n g e r 1 0 4. The deck runs multiple combo's that will turn The Mimeoplasm into a kill-switch. Most powerfull cards have a buildin drawback to prevent them from becomming over-powerfull. Lands Manipulation Cards like Back to Basics, Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon are also threats because of the way the deck's land base was designed. Really good draw engine, lets you virtually draw four cards and putting three of them into the graveyard at istant speed. -You don't like to receive hate from the table: As most of combo decks, this deck will get A LOT of attention from every other player, so every move needs to be really pondered. Phyrexian Devourer + Triskelion in your graveyard with Necrotic Ooze in play. Combined with a another solid body this little bug turns into a one-hit wonder; killing your opponent with 10 poison counters. Since the deck rely a lot onto the graveyard, is really easy to activate the treshold effect in the early/mid stage of the game, ensuring a lifesaving draw/discard tool if your hand is saturated with too many slow creatures. He puts a lot of pressure on board, his delirium effect is really easy to obtain and after that he hits like a truck! This biggest body in the deck and comes with perhaps the most bad-ass ability ever to be printed on a creature. You fail to see how awesome having a T-Rex arm is. The only downside is the lack of taking sorceries and istant; often you will need to say goodbye (just for now, of course) to some tutors or reanimation spell. Try to disrupt opponents' combo by forcing them to play folllowing your rhytm, and try to find the best moment to combo-out or to play the winning The Mimeoplasm. The best way to use her is by exiling lands from the opponent's graveyard, however it may be worth to exile yours too. Other cards like Sphinx of Uthuun, Fact or Fiction,Intuition and Flash also abuse abilities that would normally be considered drawbacks; turning powerfull cards into over-powerfull cards. One of the most important cards in the deck by far. If you have any suggestions about the deck or the cards I am running; please do. If you have at least Flash or Woodfall Primus it may be a good idea to search for the other piece for a turn two or three swing. Strip Mine is the key card with Vorosh, the Hunter doesn't have any synergy with the combo in this deck and it doesn't offer any utility. Feeds | kingcoopa. You have potentially infinite fetches but most importantly, you are able to use Strip Mine every turn, soft-locking your opponent. Generally speaking, you want to see three or four lands in your opening hand. You start with a creature and this in your hand? Great value, great card. Moreover, his little recursion effect will help you to recover precious creatures like Eternal Witness or Grim Flayer. Phyrexian Tower - Provides a needed sac outlet for when a fool tries to steal your fattie. This site © 2020 TappedOut.net, LLC His insane card drawing ability makes him a instant gamechanger. In this stage of the game, if you start tutoring, the best general targets are: Survival of the Fittest or Fauna Shaman depending from the tutor you're using; Reanimate or any other reanimation spell if you have the option to bring back big creatures; Buried Alive if you plan to combo-out soon; Dark Confidant or Grim Flayer for better/additional card draw if you are searching for a creature that will lead your deck for some turns. Mana Dork producing another color other than her . This card has the benefit of both producing mana and serving as low-investment solutions to opponents' utility lands. The main objective of the Early Game, as a combo deck and midrange deck, is to search for your best tools and try to gather a resourceful graveyard ready to be used from reanimation spells or effects. Another great synergy is with dredge buddies: if you look at some great cards, you can take the good cards in hand, and then take four/eight damage and dredge the second draw of the Sylvan Library. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, As a Midrange deck, this Mimeoplasm deck is based on a fairly aggressive gameplan, while having resources for disrupting control decks (Above all, As mentioned above, this project was originally a deck designed around, This is a personal choice. You enjoy being able to take advantage of all zones of play, especially the graveyard. Overall this deck is incredible powerfull but very vulnerable to graveyard hate. Small creatures? Moreover, with every recursion spell/creature in this deck, you will be able to destroy almost one or two lands each turn. One of the best lands out there. Buried Alive - The cornerstone of every reanimator deck. The best combination for using her is by having With so many fatties in this deck there is a good change that one of your creatures will surive and claim the game. Although this Mimeoplasm is primarily a Combo deck, in many ways, it behaves like an Aggro deck; it has a proactive, aggressive plan and tries to deny its opponents a way out. Contact | Copied to clipboard. Can also function as ramp and color fixing when saccing an elf. Your opponent will sigh out of disbelieve. The first and foremost rule when taking mulligans with this deck is that you must take aggressive mulligans. When you reach the late game, you should have a sufficient advantage in resources over your opponents. Easy right? Opponents will watch in terror as you devour creatures from the graveyard to help you pound your opponent into the ground. Key cards here are cards like Careful Study, Deathrite Shaman, Gitaxian Probe etc. I first started to build it as a Tasigur, the Golden Fang decklist, however after some serious matches in local competition, despite some decent results, i found Tasigur pretty underwhelming and antisinergistic with the deck i was trying to build. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. The only real downside is that this land won't allow you to play long term matches if you are forced to rely on it; it will kill you rather quickly. Moreover, the opponents still need to sacrifice one creature per turn if he doesn't take care of her. This land synergizes extremely well in this deck, since both The Mimeoplasm and Necrotic Ooze, which are the main wincondition of the deck, shares the same type.