I have another vizio sound bar hooked up to my dish hopper via Bluetooth for sound placed behind the couch on a table. 409 Posts . This is why the sound is so poor and you bought a soundbar. If your soundbar is mounted above the TV, whether on the wall or on the TV … But some of the sound will then hit the back of the TV and reflect. Further, in the article, I will help you navigate some of these tough decisions so you can decide what is right for your set-up. You will be feeding 5.1 sound from your TV to the left/right inputs on these crap-tastic systems.. No -sound bars are NOT better that separates. My problem is that the TV is gorgeous but really low (I have it on a low table). That sound is either travelling right at a wall, or an open space behind the entertainment center, and then the sound isn’t travelling to wherever you’re sitting. Thread starter Miguel Pereira; Start date Jul 12, 2014; M. Miguel Pereira Standard Member. A sound bar will never sound like a true surround sound. In your heart you know it won't sound quite as good mounted behind the TV, but I suspect that's another compromise you're willing to make so go for it. I have a vizio sound bar hooked up directly to the TV below it via audio out from the tv. If the TV is at least 17″ from the floor, your soundbar can’t be above the TV. Is High Definition, digital color Television just a fad, like 3D was in the early 1950's? If you’re looking to get a middle-of-the-road soundbar for your TV, we recommend checking out this budget list of soundbars. If that’s too much DIY for you, or you’re renting and you can’t puncture the walls, then I fully understand. One guy on the Polk forum suggested raising the TV a little with some wood, then … However, it’s not quite as simple as just plugging this in and hanging it up on the wall or attaching it to the back of the television.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thehifiguide_com-box-3','ezslot_0',105,'0','0'])); Even though we’re in an age of technological marvels, you still have to think about the acoustics. In your heart you know it won't sound quite as good mounted behind the TV, but I suspect that's another compromise you're willing to make so go for it. Again not a recommended option for a soundbar placement. If your soundbar is behind the TV, and chances are you TV is as pushed back on your entertainment center as possible, it’s going to be muffled. Or an Onkyo HT-S5200 for around $500, it is a 7.1 receiver and a set of 7.1 speaker set up. Sound bars tend to rely on acoustic tricks or by bouncing sounds off of side walls to mimic surround sound. I guess so...but then the sound will be muffled and distorted. Many do not. if i'm asking question here is that mean i'm brainless or a suggestion seeker? On the other hand, if you prefer placing it above the TV, that will most likely involve mounting with drills and screws. The cheap brand you see at Wal Mart are not worth it. This tends to work best on nice, symmetrical and small rooms. Position your soundbar on top of them, and use those M4 screws to go through the other side of the bracket, and into your soundbar. Match that with a Pioneer receiver and that is a good system for around $500. Alternatively, I could place it on a small shelf on the wall behind the TV, but put the speaker above the TV, so it's not firing into the back of it. Hope this will help you out. If the sound engineer wants sounds to swirl around - a circle of speakers is the easiest way to reproduce this. That frees up one slot, and still gives you one extra. Realistically, you only need one of those for your cable box (if you’re still using those), or your PS4/Xbox to stream your movies from. Behind the IR-friendly glass doors you can hide your other TV components. But some of the sound will then hit the back of the TV and reflect. The way the sound will move around the room, and how it will echo outward. Almost all soundbars are best mounted near ear level. If the TV is on a stand that’s less than 17″ from the floor, your soundbar can be above the TV as long as the TV is no more than 17″. You will probably have to increase the volume and you may need to put some sound-absorbing material on the back of the TV to reduce the echo/reflection. Soundbar Placement behind the couch. How to troubleshoot streaming service issues with Vizio Smart TV. I may have to go with the Sony CT-100, as it has the lowest height and depth, so I can get it in front of the TV. Older soundbars, or older models of soundbars that never become obsolete, may use audio input cables that plug into a digital audio out optical slot on your TV, though this isn’t nearly as common as it was a few years ago. It has to be between 17″ and 25″ above the TV. They should be opposite the actual speaker itself, and are usually designed to hold M4 x 14mm screws. Depending on the TV you have, the size of your soundbar, additional plug-ins, and the acoustics of your room, you’re going to have an easy time setting things up. Instead of that, you can mount the soundbar to the bottom of the TV. Why You Should or Should Not Mount a Soundbar Above The TV. The better sound-bars ($800 and up) often have external subwoofers and these are the best type to get, but you are pushing the price of some modest-but-decent Yamaha/Dennon/Onkyo bigger systems. Can I put the soundbar behing the … On balance I think you should go with your first plan. If you feel you have excess room in your wall, mount your TV behind a wall shelf, or have the TV attached to the TV stand.