Yes using a knife is considered deadly force in a defense scenario. You should be able to protect yourself in your own home One Nation has zero sympathy for anyone who breaks into someone’s home during the middle of the night and ends up dead. If you’re worried about home safety, protect yourself by making your home secure. Maine’s self defense laws state you have to try and avoid most if not all confrontations. You’ll have to justify that, and, that you thought you could only defend yourself with deadly force. Defending your home and yourself falls in a legal grey area across the entire country but as a general rule, homeowners are entitled to respond with force if they fear for their safety. If someone does break in, there are ways you can protect yourself. 1. The thought that a family man could be charged for the death of a home invader must be gut-wrenching. There are some easy self-defense moves that you can practice at home. You will need these records in defending yourself, and you should attach them to your affidavit when you defend. You can gain the upper hand when you practice these ideas on a regular basis. Your home is your sanctuary, so it’s scary to think that an intruder could enter it. Don’t have anything valuable. Do you think […] The law says that, if a person can retreat safely, they are not authorized to use deadly force, unless they are at home and meet certain criteria. Or at least, don’t appear to. Would you be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if someone were to physically attack you? Everyone can learn how to defend themselves. You don’t have to outrun the bear, etc. Look like you care about upkeep and security. Give notice of intention to defend Once the bank institutes legal action against you, it is too late to consider debt review proceedings (which I am opposed to anyway, since debt review will keep you trapped in debt slavery). You are being assaulted by a bigger, stronger person with no chance of escaping safely. Some of the scenarios that can get you the self defense plea for using deadly force. Additionally, learn ways to deal with potential intruders so they’re less likely to enter your home. Whether you have one of the best self-defense tools at your disposal or you’re facing an attacker down on your own, these additional self-defense techniques are surprisingly simple.