We will be focussing on the minor pentatonic today. In this lesson we look at the Minor Pentatonic Scale. When I went to youtube searching for online bass lesson I saw so much that I became confused but the moment I click on your video and saw how nearly lined up it was I knew I would learn so much from you. Enjoying playing riffs at present and very impressed at my ability so far thanks to you Mark. These charts highlight the notes and chords of C Pentatonic scale on guitar and bass fretboard. As with the other scales, we can practice this one by taking the shape up one fret after every repetition. Pattern 4. Playing the scale like this will be a good exercise for strengthening your little finger as it requires more strength to play lower down the neck. In this lesson we look at the Minor Pentatonic Scale. This is one of the most common scales in all of rock and pop music. This will help you learn how to play melodies and chords on a guitar and bass within the key of C Pentatonic. You can use a minor pentatonic scale anytime you are playing in a minor key or over a minor chord. Now its time to practice and exercice. Available Now On Google Play! C pentatonic scale guitar fretboard chart, C Pentatonic Scale bass fretboard notes chart, –Piano scales –Guitar & Bass scales –Ukulele scales –Banjo scales –Mandolin scales –Bowstring scales, –Major chords –5th power chords –suspended 4th chords –Major (add 9) chords –Major 7th chords –Major 7th sharp 11th chords –Major 9th chords –Major 13th chords _________________, –minor chords –minor (add 9th) chords –minor (add 11th) chords –minor 6th chords –minor 6th / 9th chords –minor 7th chords –minor 9th chords –minor 13th chords _________________, –Dominant 7th chords –7th suspended 4th chords –9th chords –9th suspended 4th chords –11th chords –13th chords _________________, –Augmented chords –7th #5th chords –7th ♭9th chords –minor / Major 7th chords –minor 9th ♭5th chords –minor 9th / Major 7th chords. C-sharp minor pentatonic scale. Although the name ‘pentatonic scale’ can be used for any five-note scale, in rock, pop and jazz music it most commonly refers to the pentatonic minor scale, which is the scale we’ll be covering on this page. C Minor Pentatonic Scale. I Have An App!!! We look at how to play a basic, common fingering of the scale, move it around to different areas on the neck and then learn a riff based on the scale. This is one of […] Being able to apply this scale in context will enable you to improvise and create riffs in loads of musical styles including pop, rock, country and blues. Learn how to play the C Minor Pentatonic scale on bass guitar with our free tab, sheet music, neck diagrams, and more. I watch a lot of content as well as member of Scott Devine’s website. Thank you for this amazing resource! (tabs and tutorial), What Is Hip? You use the minor pentatonic … C Minor Pentatonic Spelling. The simplicity of the pentatonic has led to it becoming one of the most popular scales used today. The Lesson steps then explain how to construct the scale using the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th minor scale notes.. For a quick summary to this topic, have a look at Pentatonic scale. The Solution below shows the C minor pentatonic scale, on the piano, bass and treble clef.. A major scale has seven notes and is therefore a heptatonic scale. (Unless specified, whenever we mention ‘pentatonic scale’ on this page, we’ll be referring to the pentatonic minor scale.) Sign up to join a community of over 60,000 Bass Players TODAY! I can see why he chose that for this song, because it’s meant to be somber and introspective, but not necessarily depressive and sad.” Thank you. However, the minor pentatonic scale has five different notes. PLEASE I SIGNED UP FOR TALKING BASS LESSONS BUT I DO NOT RECIEVE ANY LESSON PLEASE I NEED HELP THANKS. 3 Scale Patterns To Transform Your Bass Playing. On a german site (bonedo.de) they have 6 workshops on the minor pentatonic scale and they play them over/beyond the octave as well – is there a reason you don’t bring this up or am I missing the obvious(same thing on your lessons about the major pentatonic), Thanks for letting us know and keep up the good work, Looked up your German site, wonderful, thanks.