They implement templates and help each business unit to develop strategy proposals at a reasonable level of quality. Architecture is a word that comes from Greek and means primary structure.. A good IT architecture plan improves efficiencies. The team also orchestrates processes for strategy review and approvals. Business Architecture reveals how an organization is structured and can clearly demonstrate how elements such as capabilities, processes, organization and information fit together. When your IT architecture program includes consolidation and centralization of technology resources, particularly in the data center, you gain improved resource use, document recovery, security, and service delivery; increased data availability; and reduced complexity. As a result, with business architecture, one does not need to know everything about everything to move ideas forward, but just enough to make the next decision. 4. Business architecture is reusable: Business architecture is not a one-time analysis of a business environment. It can be defined as how the larger structures that define your business model take steps to capture value throughout the production process to deliver the highest possible perceived value to the end customer. How value is derived through Business Architecture. Business Strategy A business architecture team is tasked with standardizing and improving the process of strategic planning across business units. So if you want to know the answer to the question ‘what is business architecture? People who develop and maintain business architecture are known as business architects. The goal of the business architecture model is not to overwhelm, but help chart out the course and also determine which components and elements are important to the enterprise business architecture journey. Capstera business architecture model is a simple and yet effective way to gain a holistic perspective of what business architecture means and how it manifests. IT Architecture: Consolidating and Centralizing Technology Resources. Business Architecture defines the business strategy, governance, organisation and key business processes. Rather it provides a foundation for future analysis and decision-making. How Can Business Architecture Be Used? Business Architecture primarily focuses on the business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks and related networks that link these aspects of the enterprise together.