Maureen: That’s prob bc u have really dryyyy skin. Used to sniff tea tree oils all the time . AC Dressing Ampoule mask for oily/sensitive skin and also the same tea tree care mask from the other box! :O. Dianne: Yeah, it’s only on their Bemlise mask sheet. *Excerpt from Kantar Worldpanel Report about the "Sheet mask Market in Korea from the time between January 4, 2016 and September 9, 2018, provided as a part of the Kantar Beauty Panel Service." Btw Maureen how did your skin react to the tea tree sheet mask? Maureen: Yup but I also don’t like creamy masks coz of my adult acne I feel like I’d love it if I lived in a dryer place. Dianne: If we’re talking about scents, I defos like the D:NA Proatin Mask’s fragrance more, tho I wasn’t a big fan of the thick milky essence. Dianne: Yes! My ARMY heart is satisfied . I was a little sad it wasn’t as visible when I was wearing it haha. 4.8 out of 5 stars 91 ratings. Dianne: YUSSSSSS y’know it! Zoe: Same! MEDIHEAL [BTS Version] Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask EX 24ml 8 Pack - Group Shot 1EA + Individual Shot 7EA + Pocket Card/Skin Soothing & Sebum Control Mask Pack for Sensitive Oily Skin Visit the Mediheal Store. You don't have any items in your cart yet. Dianne: Yess, this set is defos for me! Sarah: I was so surprised by how thick the essence was! Dianne: My skin be looking flawless with all them masks tho. Defos too nourishing but it did leave my skin feeling uber-soft. I left the essence on overnight and literally woke up like a greasy pan . Sarah: The D:NA Proatin mask has to be my fave I just loved how smooth, creamy and luxurious it felt. Binchotan Charcoal. Read on to find out! 10 Fascinating Facts About Snail Slime You Should Know, Chapter 19: Signs of a Damaged Skin Barrier and How…, YesStyle’s Skin Care Bestsellers Mid-Year 2020, IGTV We Tried Recap: We Tried Wearing Athleisure For A Week, Styling Tips For your Body Shape: Long Torso &…, SOME BY MI AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Series Review, BlackPink’s Punk Princess Looks from “Lovesick Girls”. Apparently this is Jimin & Jin’s go-to mask on their days off, and I can totally understand since it’s so rejuvenating . It also makes my skin less oily the next day. (Copyright © Worldpanel™, Kantar 2018). The fit was a little too snug though – it covered my top lip but was perfect around the eye area. Plus receive a limited edition BTS Photocard Album. It’s milky and I think that’s why its effects lasted much longer. Maureen: I love both the tea tree and the AC, but I have to say the AC works best for me. Want to ultimate skincare routine? Dianne: Lol too big for me, but I do like how both of them just STICK to the face. It’s formulated for oily, combi and sensitive skin. Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask Ex. I think the P.D.F. My skin felt so soft after slapping it all over my face and body . BEST SELLERS MEDIHEAL N.M.F Intensive Hydrating Mask. Zoe: I bet you lot were eyeing the photo cards that come with the masks Dianne: YUSSSSSS y’know it! I had to take it off after 10 minutes , Sarah: I didn’t experience any greasiness or itchiness, but tbh both the masks left my skin feeling sticky , Zoe: Oh wow, I didn’t have any of these problems. Maureen: Is that only on the tea tree one? Michelle: I just need lots and lots of MOISTURE. 5 x Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask; 14 x member photocards; Only 4 left in stock. Dianne: Lol the flap looked like a mustache. Additional information. Zoe: It’s been a while since I’ve used a sheet mask so yussss, let’s do this! Mask Sheet 10ea + BTS Photocard 14pcs. Sarah: I see you’re hyping yourself up for BTS’s new album with all this merch. Beta-Glucan. Sarah: This one felt pretty similar to the tea tree mask for me! 5 x P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask Ex., 5 x Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask Ex. 5 x Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask Ex. I’m trying the other sheet masks in the set too! The other one doesn’t have it – it’s a thicker PT Cell mask sheet. Michelle: I thought it was really moisturizing as well! Dianne: This Moisturizing Set includes the D:NA Proatin Mask for dry/combo skin, and the Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask EX for oily/combo skin. Zoe: Yessssss, the logo-emblazoned look is trending! Skin Type - For Oil skin / Sensitive skin Skin Effect - Relaxing - Skin relax ingredient centella asiatica extract, trehalose and allantoin relax tired and sensitive skin and manages healthy and moisturized skin condition. Will prob be perfect for Dianne and Maureen . Who wants to try them all out with me? My skin was actually really velvety after the essence dried . Skincare. Infused with a naturally clarifying elixir of herbal extracts, these masks start working right away to minimize signs of trouble. Mask Sheet 10ea + BTS Photocard 14pcs. And also to strengthen my skin barrier! Maureen: It contains hydrolyzed collagen, maybe that’s why. BTS Photocard Album - OUR STORY 14 Photos. Did we prefer the photo cards to the masks itself, or did these sweet sheets give us Jin-worthy skin? Maureen: I guess I can bring this to Japan or Korea when I travel. But the DNA one was definitely my fave. I generally like everything un-fragranced lol. Dianne: Defos love the sheet masks and the packaging – ESPECIALLY THE CARDS! Straight up felt like a moisturizer I could rub all over my hands and elbows I thought the fragrance was a bit too heavy actually… I could still smell it on me the next morning. ❤️ The PT cell sheet is a bit small though – some of it covered my top lip The smell is hard to describe tbh, but I think it has a hint of mint? Maureen: I also wondered what that flap was for and whether I was putting it on right. Key Ingredients. Mediheal X BTS [Special Edition] Mediheal P.D.F. Even though it’s supposed to be for oily skin, I still find it very moisturizing in a refreshing kind of way It also doesn’t carry any strong scent of tea tree. Zoe: I mean they’re all good! Zoe: The tea tree one is so soothing and I loved the scent as well! Description. BTS Skin Soothing Care Set quantity. This one is the TeaTree Care Solution Essential Mask EX. Michelle: I wanted to like this one so bad, but it left my skin somewhat itchy! It’s not drooping everywhere even tho it’s soaked in essence. Zoe: I bet you lot were eyeing the photo cards that come with the masks . Sarah: Yess and I loved how the two masks came in different materials! ME! Sheet Mask. It’s sooo soothing, refreshing and non-sticky. This one is the TeaTree Care Solution Essential Mask EX. Treatment. USD 1.99 MEDIHEAL Tea … Sarah: Did you guys notice the pressed Mediheal logo all over the tea tree mask? 5 x Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask Ex. Not a BTS fan but defo wanna try Mediheal masks. The YesStylist © 2020 YESSTYLE.COM LTD. All rights reserved. Maureen: I like this one the most, but perhaps I was already won over by its name It feels almost the same as the tea tree but more moisturizing. The perfect pair to balance and calm blemish prone skin. Dianne: The Mediheal x BTS mask! MEDIHEAL - BTS Soothing Care Facial Mask Special Set 04 / SHEET MASKS The ultimate gift for any BTS ARMY. MEDIHEAL X BTS Facial Mask Sheet Special Set (03 Moisture Barrier Care) MEDIHEAL X BTS Facial Mask Sheet Special Set (04 Skin Soothing Care) Bio Capsulin Love Me Mask Set [BTS Edition] [BTS Version] Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask EX 24ml 8 Pack. Discover our Award Winners. Michelle: I’ve def got a soft spot for the tea tree one, but I think the AC Dressing mask takes the top spot for me – great fit and even better finishing! Dianne: It has a P.D.F. Zoe: I think I have a mild addiction to the scent of tea tree. MEDIHEAL x BTS Soothing Care Special Set. AC Dressing Ampoule mask really gave my skin a healthy glow. SKU: 8809470128038. Acai Fruit Extract. Weight: 0.11 kg: Reviews (2) 2 reviews for BTS Skin Soothing Care Set. Dianne: Yesss! Michelle: Totally lovin’ this! . 11 Piece Limited Edition Set: 5 x P.D.F A.C. Dressing Ampoule Mask Ex. Dianne: The Mediheal x BTS mask! Dianne: Have you guys tried the masks yet? Dianne: Ugh yess, the tea tree one is so refreshing! Maureen: Maybe it’s just me then. Dianne,  didn’t you find the D:NA too nourishing for oily skin? Zoe: I actually really loved the texture. 14 x BTS Photocards.