Thus, this gives you a bit sharpened sound. They have made a good presence in the market. Most mics can capture birds chirping in the background and this can negatively affect the quality of sound being recorded. This will help you balance the frequency response of the sound. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB and maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of 136dB – 146dB with pad engaged. Specs: 1″ Large-diaphragm microphone; Polar pattern: cardioid This microphone might give you issues in rejecting plosives in the noise. This is one of the iconic designs you can see. The AKG C214 also comes with an outstanding dynamic range that facilitates close-up recording from high output sources. In this list I have discusses a microphone with almost every aspect. The overall quality of Rode NT1-A is pretty good which that pricing point also. If you are a beginner and would like to record your voice with efficiency and accuracy, this mic can do wonders and you will definitely like its overall sound quality record capabilities. If you are looking for overall quality at the good price range, then have look at Rode NT1-A. They are very accurate, extremely sensitive and are well suited to easily capture all the details of a human voice. The custom-engineered low mass diaphragm of the mic provides extended frequency response, the cardioid polar pattern helps to reduce any pickups of sounds or noise from the sides of the mic, hence improving the sound quality being recorded. There is an option to switch the frequency response of the microphone. This mic will give you naturals, smooth, and minimized noise sound. This is all metal-constructed mic and rubberized grip below. This is a two-way condenser microphone that has a two-way diaphragm design having a wide high-frequency range of 20Hz to 50kHz. Learn how your comment data is processed. Large-Diaphragm mics have different aspects and features. The weight of the mic is pretty low that is 280 grams. That will help you control your microphone and provide you uninterrupted noise. Audio Technica is also a great company that has already authorized its name in the microphone industry. If you are looking for the best mic with perfect sound quality and budget, then have a look at Audio Technica AT2035. That means it will not work by only plugging it to your computer or USB cable. You can also check them out if you want. The brands mentioned above and models should be able to guide you in your selection process. You will feel nice to hear your own voice recorded in large-diaphragm microphones. The microphone was designed specifically for recording the vocals of R&B, rock, country and hip-hop. If you are thinking of a mic for your recording studio and don’t have much knowledge about mics, then you should purchase large diaphragm mics. A condenser microphone, also known as electrostatic mic or capacitor mic, is a device that is able to capture high frequencies or large frequency range and vocals. This microphone has a cardioid polar pattern. It also has rear vents that help stabilize internal temperature. The highest sound pressure it can handle before distortion starts is 138dB. This one is lower at the pricing that is why you are not getting some of the features which are in sE4400a. It is quite versatile with its high-pass filter and -20dB pad that greatly reduces muddy and rumbling sounds and handles loud sound sources. Thus, these microphones produce the sound, which is a little bit bigger than the actual voice. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone. Included accessories: Wind screen, cradle suspension, stand screw adaptor, and carrying case. If you prefer to go on a professional angle on this, condenser mics can be a good choice to have on your list. Rode NT1-A Anniversary Condenser Microphone (best microphone for vocals) Best microphone for recording vocals Under $300: Rode NT1-A Condenser Mic TOP PICK (HOME STUDIO) – The Rode NT1-A captures a very natural sound but with a hint of low-end lift around 120hz – adding a little bit of warmth and depth to vocals, without negatively changing the source sound. Most vocal microphones that work perfectly on stage are not always a good choice to go for, especially if you are planning to use them in a studio. It is also the cheapest microphone on this list, which will be great if you’re on a budget, but want to get the best sound from a rap microphone. A great mic is the one that is capable of recording both instruments and vocals with a high level of efficiency. This looks amazing, isn’t it? It is important that you understand the difference between a condenser and a dynamic mic because these two differ on what each one is best at or most useful for. The AKG C214 is a cost-effective mic that is designed to produce high-quality sound output in live performances and home studios. This is an XLR Condenser Microphone, which means it requires phantom power 24 to 48 Volts. Blue Spark SL produces stunning recordings for vocals, guitars, drums, pianos, and more. The TLM 102 that comes in nickel or matte black color is cheaper than other models. With the condenser microphone as the best choice for vocals in a studio setting, here are the recommended mics along with some of their specs and features: Last update on 2020-11-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. If you are just starting out and want to test out things, then you will not have any issues using these microphones at all. sE Electronics focuses more on manufacturing high-quality condenser microphones for vocals, voiceovers, and instrumentals. With all the available mics in the market today, you should check out their specs and features to determine which one would be best for what you intended to use the mic for. It is great for capturing loud sounds. That is the normal mode and focus mode. The maximum sound pressure level of 136dB. Blue Spark SL is for those people who want some extra professionalism and higher quality of the sound. In the mid-price range, this is, without doubt, one of the most popular and best condenser mics for vocals.This microphone comes with a pop filter and shock mount included and it’s just a great package overall. Please do let me know in the comment section. This microphone is manufactured by Blue Designs company which is established in the year 2018. You will need to connect it to the power supply as well. It will pick up very minimal details in your sound. Also, there is one competitor of sE4400a from AKG which is our next microphone on this list. The frequency response of this microphone is 20Hz to 20kHz which is pretty awesome. The manufacturing of this microphone is built like a professional needs, but the pricing has been set within reach of the serious home studio owner. And also, I can say this as the Best Condenser. It works using a transducer – capacitor consisting of a thin membrane, commonly referred to as a … You can also check: 5 Best Headset Microphones For Singing In 2020. Till then, they are constantly manufacturing high-quality microphones for studio owners. You should have a look at this microphone if you liked this one. This microphone is good at vocals and voice vocals. Amazon – Sweetwater A favorite among rappers and engineers, offers that modern upfront “presence” that gives rap vocals the “punch” it needs, albeit at a premium price. You will see microphones of AKG at most of the recording studios you come across. When compared with other mics in the list of the best condenser mics for vocals, this mic has a good score and offers exceptional features that are not common in most modern Microphones. You can also check out the other variants of the Audio Technica, which has somehow similar features with different aspects.