Proven functional design - curved (4" radius) for much improved intonation, bridge angles … My Banjo … $25 I ordered and received my StewMac bridge, got it quickly and it made all the difference. Upgrading your banjo bridge is a great way to improve your banjo tone dramatically at a very low cost. I have a beautiful banjo but the 3rd string drove me crazy and the higher up the neck the worse it got. If you want to make your intonation problem(s) really go away then generic on-fits-all compensation just doesn't cut it and this is the way to go, your banjo and your ears will definitely appreciate it. Snuffy Smith Pegged Banjo Bridges The new Snuffy Smith pegged banjo bridge combines the original Snuffy Smith with the new technique of adding pegs for the best banjo bridge tone and sound. Moon Compensated Banjo Bridge, Heavy, 11/16" $30. Custom compensated bridge: $40 : 13B - The same two bridges… He believes banjo bridges should be made from fine quality maple and ebony wood, which transmit a transparent tone favored by players who prefer old banjos. Heavy thickness, 11/16" height, slotted. sku: BA93H11. This historic maple has proved to be a great tone wood for banjo bridges… Kat Eyz banjo bridges are made by Mike Smith from hard rock maple and your choice of selected top hardwoods.. Kat Eyz introduced McCormick Spice Factory Hard Maple from the flooring of the old McCormick spice factory, built in 1904. The new innovation of adding pegs to the top of your banjo bridge … The Huber bridge is available in either 5/8'', … I checked out the company who made my banjo and they carry a compensated bridge.