Lives for gear . Keep posts here in the Forums instead and we all learn. I use them on almost everything. Translate API is a simple API that allows you to translate an arbitrary string of text from one language to the other. Question On 2500 Clone Safe Fix Hi new member here i have a question on the 294T 2500 clone safe fix. Jackie Moon. API pres are my all around favorite. Given there's alot of new comps out these days, i guess i just didn't want to overlook other comps, given the API is usually everyone's first recommendation! Excellent for drums, bass, and guitars. I've got an SSL clone which is nice, but I'm also using it on the stereo mix. Viewsat clone Ultra (Clone Safe) PFTAUSW-080813U. Behringer 2500 Eurorack modules now available at preorder for stunning prices . Attached Files. Your favorite 1073 clone isn’t going to be the same as mine. Share Quote. Pansat 2500 fix X-85BL_070812_294_api Clone safe This is the pansat 2500 clone safe bin. I was looking at getting an API 2500 for the drum buss. The API relies on source translators from trusted and powerful systems like Google, Oxford, and many others. (370.8 KB, 84 views) Please, DO NOT PM admins/mods for personal support. A few other preamps might be preferable for vocals, overheads, or wind instruments, but I can happily use the API pres for everything. ARP 2500 has arrived in the CMS Eurorack System from Discrete Synthesizers . 1 Review written. Behringer releases images of ARP 2500 clone modules in Eurorack format . Is it the latest fix for auto roll as of today im useing a FLU with the 294t for the fortec but i have used pantec,panstat,and fortec Bin's in past Similar Threads . The best deal from API is 'The Channel Strip'. • Compressors: API 2500 (strip) and modified 2500 with crossover filters from TubeTech SMC 2B, Masalec MLA-3/4 and a custom filter by Acustica (2412/7236). 26th March 2018 #12. ARP 2500 coming soon to Eurorack – … API features: Besides translating texts, you can use the Translate API to detect the language of the input texts. Furthermore, your application for the Neve sound isn’t going to be the same as mine… but this is the beauty of recording in such a wonderful time, with so many great choices at so many different price points!