Throughout the Anime, Nagisa is very professional and strategic. Nagisa has the ultimate power of a strong mindset. At the academy, he became the top graduate of his class as his powers were unrivaled by any other student. From then on, the two form an impromptu friendship that revolves around Mirai constantly trying to kill Akihito, in an effort to boost her own wavering confidence as a Spirit World warrior. Having all the properties of Veldora, Rimuru becomes the most powerful entity when it comes to the plot. Like, C’mon, do you think a high school student will be able to run a whole of Japan? Here are some of the weirdest anime power … Rem and Shera are the two girls who were summoned. His mental strength is known to be rather dangerous in the plot. That’s why he can be rather dangerous even for his own allies. It can be traced all the way back to the Sword Art Online protagonist Kirito or even further, but that is the most famous example. And that’s where he usually reveals his spiritual powers. On the other hand, he is always holding back his destructive powers as there’s no need to get worked up to kill a bunch of weaklings. Another aspect of Seiya that we’d like to mention is that he never loses. Let’s start this blog now. He is a kind-hearted warm person but at the same time well trained and a strong one, as seen in the Anime. With his mother taken away from him and having lost everything, Lag Seeing is now a letter whose delivery has been assigned to Gauche Suede, a Letter Bee. This technique was taught to Hayato by his childhood master ‘Ryusei’. If you do like such type of anime then you’re at the right place. As a sword fighter, he knows a lot of techniques in battle. Psychology states that we prefer sad, Osamu Miya Nendoroid – Orange Rouge | Haikyuu!! Well, Rimuru is quite happy with his powers too. Whatever you want to call him. Moving on to the number 11, we have Andou July, Ando Jurai, or July Andou. Isn’t that pretty crazy? For those of you who aren’t familiar with the background, Yuliy is a half-human and half jaeger, In other words, a beast. Yuliy is tall, slim, blue-eyed, and blue hair with a white extension upfront. On the first look, we thought that these high school kids won’t survive an era with no modern tech – just a kingdom run by guilds and magic. Yuu has been using this skill for years to gain the highest grades, which allowed him to enter a prestigious high school. Below is the YouTube video where you could watch the blog in video. Unlike most other main characters, Jurai is energetic and edgy most of the time. Even if many lives are lost in the process, before that night ends, the young summoners must defeat the invaders at all costs. Takeshi does the decent thing and saves her, and in return the girl wakes up and accidentally turns him into a magic-user. He just obliterates them throughout the series. At number 14, we have Hayato Kisaragi from Hundred. (1411) (The New Karasuno Ver. The side effect of his black trigger gave him the power to detect lies. Moreover, we’ve also seen him flying by using his zaiphon powers. But we are going to talk about a particular one that left everyone in shock. Do you want to watch it instead? Teito’s childhood was rather happy and pure-hearted until the war broke out. Yuto is invited to the Wolf clan who deeply cared for him. After awakening his powers, he dealt with the Seishuku temple single-handedly which his friends were having problems with. However, the spell is “MISSPELLED”? These enemies were causing troubles and our protagonist, Kanata came in and portrayed this power that gave people jaw drop. Yuu must join the student council and together, they face formidable challenges that bring him closer to the shocking truth. Becoming the demon lord in his most playable game, Diablo has an interesting story. From the looks, he looks like a super tough teenager with rough hair and appearance. A perfect display of professionalism and how you should never give up. As a result of this mishap, the Onmyou Agency was established in order to exorcise further spiritual disasters and combat the demons that would make their way into the world.