Satisfy your desire for sun, sand and surf at these top affordable beach destinations in Florida. Clearwater Beach. According to SmartAsset, the median home value in this little beach town is slightly less than $156,000.If you’re looking to retire and get away from it all, check out Apalachicola. Best More Affordable Beach Town in Florida– This is one of the few places in Florida with high quality of life scores near beautiful beaches that also has housing costs lower than Florida’s average (as of this writing in August 2018). Here's a few of our top spots to enjoy cheap Florida beach vacations. Clearwater Beach is renowned for its white-sand beaches… These affordable – and fabulous – seaside destinations won’t leave your wallet singing the blues. This is definitely one of the reasons it is our fourth most affordable city in Florida for 2020. However, this town … These cheaper beach alternatives offer fewer crowds and easy access to white-sand beaches, budget-friendly attractions and low-cost outdoor adventures, from seashell collecting and snorkeling to activity-filled state parks. 1. Nicknamed the 'Babymaker,' this city must be affordable… Macclenny, Florida is an ideal destination when you're trying find that affordable big town feel. 2. The University of Florida is one of the best public universities in Florida, and it’s found in Gainesville, one of the most affordable parts of Florida … 3) Apalachicola Florida. Look no further for oceans, community, a quiet and scenic home base and an easy way of life. Palm Coast, located on Florida's upper east coast, is home to one of Florida’s best-kept-secret beaches, so residents don't have to fight tourists for prime beach … Palm Coast.