Force yourself to do 1 more rep! Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. This month I decided to switch things up a bit. Each body part is trained 1 time per week on its own day, for a total of 6 workouts per week with Sunday off. We’re looking at targeting every muscle, every fiber and every angle in this comprehensive strength program. It helped the weight to go up and shocked some new growth into my thighs. This is a program designed with one goal in mind – gains. Nutrition. Reviews; Health; Workouts. I just finished my 12-week mass building phase, and I am pleased with the results. After all, your’e targeting the same muscle set after set – that’ll quickly result in accumulative fatigue. There are two main aims to this 3 month program: You’ll be using tried and tested, no frills exercises that are guaranteed to build huge slabs of muscle. Read, listen and apply these guidelines and you’ll soon be on your way to armour-like gains. more exercises, + But when you follow full body training you shift emphasis from muscle to muscle which helps you to maintain strength while reducing fatigue. Some are stimulated with heavy weight. + 5777 N Meeker Ave, Boise, ID 83713-1520 USA, Get as much sleep as possible, 9-10 hours, Try to get at least 1g of protein per lb. of bodyweight. Lifting weights for high reps and sets is a great way of increasing workout volume. But choosing challenging weights that you’re unaccustomed to is key to building muscle fast. 12 WEEK PROGRAM By Jay Cutler, Derek Roth and Jess Welna PLEASE NOTE: All readers are advised to consult their physician before beginning any exercise and nutrition program. All rights reserved. should be done before you give it a shot. I am using mostly compound movements with the reps between 6-and-10 on all exercises. And on top of that I had to leave town for 4 days to go to a wedding, so part of this month was somewhat of a waste. If this workout plan suits your needs, let’s get going…. It’s currently thought that volume triggers protein synthesis much more effectively then intensity – and that results in higher muscle cell levels. When it comes to maximizing muscle mass or hypertrophy there are a few simple rules you should follow. Join today and unleash the power of BodyFit! We cover professional athletes, models and even social media stars to bring you the very best, up to date information in our profiles. All that said, here are my results for this month. We suggest that on your rest days you focus on relaxation, full recovery and eating plenty of healthy foods. The Winter Bulk: Mass Workout Routine . But there’s a huge tidal wave of research coming out that shows you’ll build just as much muscle from full body sessions as you will from splits [3]. Bulking Diet; Clean Eating; Cutting Diet; Fat Loss Diet; Meal Planning; Nutrition Tips; Supplements. more exercises. Varying the number of reps you use can help you target the fibers you hit. To start, you should have body fat of 14% or less, have at least 18 months’ training experience, and be willing to commit to five hours’ training a week. We’ve leave it up to you, but if you can recover properly between sessions then go for 4. All rights reserved, Intermediate/advanced level men and women, Build as much muscle as possible in 12 weeks, Increase weekly total volume without causing excessive fatigue, Lift as heavy as you can for each rep range. View our enormous library of workout photos and see exactly how each exercise BodyFit is your solution to all things fitness. Before summer rolls back around and you want to get your larger frame out and on display, you’ll need to hit the gym hard to pack on size. The forth session is for the ultra motivation gains chaser. But as more and more research comes out though, we’re realizing that you can create an adaptation at pretty much every rep range – from heavy to light. There’s a huge amount of evidence showing that high intensity strength training with higher volume results in significant muscle mass gains [1]. workout correctly the first time, every time. On every exercise use as much weight as you can, while still maintaining good form. Also because of my throat I was unable to eat very much so my calorie consumption was lower than it should have been. What’s the key rule of muscle growth, regardless of which rep range you choose? For triceps I did incline close grip presses instead of flat and it really sparked some growth. more exercises, + And it’s the most comprehensive program you’ll find. 4 Remember, intensity is the key. with in-depth instructional videos. 5 Author: Lee Bell . All rights reserved. You break down muscle in gym, feed it in the kitchen, and grow when you’re asleep. Already have a Bodybuilding account with BodyFit? © 2020 And on a similar note, when you use splits you naturally get tired. My results these 6 weeks were limited because of sickness. This program takes no prisoners in its mission to build as much muscle as is humanly possible in only 3 months. Keep monitoring your progress – as soon as a weight is beginning to feel lighter and easier, increase it. You’ll also be adding in some accessory work too.